Halifax, Manor Heath Mansion c.1960

Memories of Halifax

Born Jumples in 1945 above where the flats are, before the houses where built. Went to Stanaly Green 1953 moved to Hunter Hill near the old mill.

I remember going to Palins dance hall, I remember going to the cinema, but I do not remember the name of the cinema, it was near Bank Top, they used to play Telstar, as I said, my memories or skeche,

The crocuses around Savile park Manor Heath and on the way to Scircoat Green were, and still are the first glorious sign of Spring in Halifax. The roundabouts and parks have always been especially lovely and well looked after. I was born in Halifax in 1957 and lived at Norton Towers first, then Manor (...Read full memory)

I only have great sunny memories of Halifax as a child. A lot of these photos in the 1960's show the sunshine... just how I remember it. My granddad worked on the buses and in the photos he may have been on one of those! His mate on the buses was called Arthur Crowther and me and my brothers used to call him "Half A (...Read full memory)

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