Kirn, Leaving The Pier c.1955

Memories of Kirn

My lifetime in Kirn ran from birth in 1948 until I left the area in 1968 to become a policeman in Newcastle upon Tyne. My family lived in Argyll Terrace (No. 8). I worked with George Fraser the grocer for at least seven years and spent summers with Reg Brooks and Hugh McLachlan at Kirn Lido, pushing boats out for 5 (...Read full memory)

I lived in Kirn from 1933 to 1948 when we moved about one mile to Hunters's Quay. The pier was owned by Mr. Imrie and it cost 1p to get on or off. Next to the pier was the coal pier of solid construction and that is where children fished from. Puffers called to unload coal for Mr. Imrie's coal business. I often got the boat for Gourock (...Read full memory)

I was just reading 'Formative years in Kirn'. Yes they were good. I used to fish off Kirn pier for cat fish for Mrs Drovandi's cat and in exchange she would give me an ice cube. I remember Reggie Brooks and the boats - We used to live in Borland Park. Then moved up to Argyle Terrace. I remember Edith McPhail, Jeanette Rankin, (...Read full memory)

I'm a navy brat ... I lived on the promenade in 1963 and used to watch the Polaris submarines come down the river and go into Holy Lock and tie up to the  submarine tenders and dry docks for repairs. I was a young boy at the time and attended Scottish public schools. I loved this country, this town and this magical place of (...Read full memory)

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