London, Westminster Bridge c.1900

Memories of London

I started my career in January 1959 as a young bobby at West End Central Police Station Savile Row.  The trestles positioned to the east of 'Eros' which cordon off the road suggest the photograph was taken when the Piccadilly one-way system was being introduced.  I remember the elegant stonework of (...Read full memory)

I took my two daughters up to London for the day and we visited the gardens. It was a very hot day and they ran ahead to see the fountain. The youngest one had her sandals off in the blink of an eye and was in the fountain before I could stop her.

this is the hospital i was born in .My parents moved to london in the 50s from south wales. They have both past away ,we moved back to wales in the 1970s

This short video I wrote and directed in 1989 celebrates the birth in Lambeth, London of the world's most famous funny man - Charlie Chaplin. It's now free to view on my YouTube channel at

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