Old Maps of Stoke D' Abernon

Historic Maps of Stoke D' Abernon and the local area.

Memories of Stoke D' Abernon

Read and share your memories of Stoke D' Abernon itself or of a particular photo of Stoke D' Abernon.

The building still looks there same, there was a red postbox on the lower right hand corner of the picture turning into Blundel Lane. I lived on the Stoke Road. Just past the pub was a shop called FourWays -where we spent our pocket money on sweets! And beyond that towards the station is the village hall which is still there and looks similar - I had ballet lessons in there.

There was a Bakery, Hairdressers, Florist, and Newsagents where we used to buy frozen slabs of ice cream for the Junior School lunch (Moleside School - demolished and now new houses) in Vincent Drive. It still looks similar to today.