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  • Do you remember stories about the community, its history and people?


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Reconnecting with our shared local history.

Take a moment to remember the places that have been important in your life. Where your family comes from, where you were born, went to school and got married; the towns and villages where you've lived and worked since. Recapture and rekindle those precious memories with this special part of our website. Here are a few of a favourites for you to read today..!

I am Pewsey born and bred and what a joy it is to discover a site where memories of our country's unique village life can be shared and stored for the future. So much to share about Pewsey life... I remember playing with all the children of many ages in Swan Meadow in the 80's. Looking for 'treasure' to sell in the stream at (...Read full memory)

These memories have been contributed by Myra Greer. In 1947, when I was 7, my mother and I moved from Salisbury in Wiltshire where my father was stationed at RAF Boscombe Down, to near Llanfarian, where my grandparents had settled. My grandfather, William, was badly crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. Because of his (...Read full memory)

From around 1953 until 1961 I used to stay with my Grandma Hindley who lived just off Bentick Road and then later on in Plimsoll Terrace, Denman Street, Radford, Nottingham. I can vividly recall Plimsoll Terrace - a two up and two down terrace house with communal yard at the back door and outside loo. The (...Read full memory)

My parents (Ken & Gwen Gardner) bought a small general store on Chapel St, when I was aged 5 in 1969. My memories are lovely and will always be with me. Our next door neighbour was Mr Jim Curtis, always remember him, a lovely man who had a Monkey Puzzle tree in his garden and used to give me rhubarb over the (...Read full memory)

I was sent to a convelecent home in Broadstairs but I don't know the name. I must have been 5 years old, I lived in London at the time. I remember being put on a coach and being seen off by my parents and wondering why they looked sad. I also can only remember being told I had a shadow on the lung. Regarding the home; I (...Read full memory)

I was born in Walker 1946 to be accurate. They were slums even though the women did their best to keep them clean and rodent free. I remember my mum doing the washing in the wash-house in the back yard, she had to start a fire under this concrete bowl thing and fill it with water from the tap in the back yard. (...Read full memory)

When my father, Cllr John Wood, was Mayor of Ealing in 1976 I enjoyed the treats that I got! Every weekend in the summer we would go to fetes, fayres etc and dad would open the events and my sister and I would be given some cash from him to spend on the stalls to show our support! I used to love, as a 14 year old, riding in (...Read full memory)

My family lived in the magistrates court between 1957 to 1964; my father was Frank Wood and he was the court keeper. My sister and I had a wonderful childhood there, there was lots of places to race around when the courts had closed. Many times Mr Green, the judge at the time, would find a (...Read full memory)

I was 4 years old when my parents moved to 17 New Road, Chatham. It was 1937 - my father had a Radio and Electrical Business (Wholesale) he had been a traveller previously and wanted to have a more settled existance - he was still delivering but locally around Kent, instead of all around the South of (...Read full memory)

I remember visiting the house with my mother (Phyllis) and father (Thomas) before we moved in in 1948 when I was 6 years old. There was myself, my twin sisters, another sister who had just been born and my half brother Tom (Biff). In the first year there my brother Jonathan was (...Read full memory)