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  • How does it feel, seeing these places again?
  • Do you remember stories about the community, its history and people?


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Reconnecting with our shared local history.

Take a moment to remember the places that have been important in your life. Where your family comes from, where you were born, went to school and got married; the towns and villages where you've lived and worked since. Recapture and rekindle those precious memories with this special part of our website. Here are a few of a favourites for you to read today..!

I was born at Low Westwood, a small mining village in the North East of England in 1955 – well, when I say I was born there, that’s not entirely true. Unlike today, children were born at home not in hospital and I was actually born in my Gran’s spare bedroom in the nearby market (...Read full memory)

Another thing that I remember was bath night. Notice I said night and not nights!! We had a tin bath which had to be filled up by boiling kettles and saucepans. My young brother would go in first, then me, after me was mummy, and last was daddy!! What ever would health and safety have to say about that today!! (...Read full memory)

I had the perfect Job for me when I was 10. John (Jacky) Robinson had me working for him on the horse and cart. Fridays and Saturdays you could hear us walking the streets of Easington - our famous yell was "ANY STICKS OR LOGS MISSUS ORAYELUMBA". Sundays would be pop day "ANY POP TODAY MISSUS". I still (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1949 to Nellie and Ashford DISNEY. We lived at 15 Albert Road, and my father worked in the Post Office at BATH'S on the Weston Road. Mr. William Bath was my father's uncle. Before Mummy and Daddy got married, Mummy used to work in the Post Office as well. - that's how they met. Our neighbours were (...Read full memory)

My mum grew up in Heath Street (5/275) and after marriage moved to South Sheffield. I used to go and stay with my nan and granddad in Winson Green and have very fond memories of staying with them. I remember walking down the red brick yard, where the houses were back to back and my nan and granddad lived at the (...Read full memory)

I have just discovered this wonderful website today and oh what memories come flooding back. I was born in Lower Shott in 1954 and lived there until I was about 23. I remember these shops so well. Being sent by my mum to get some cheese, I think it was from Mr Absaloms, and bursting into tears because everyone (...Read full memory)

My mother and I lived in a cottage opposite the pub, Rose Cottage, which is not there now - I believe the site is now someone's garage. I was born in 1940 and am not sure what age I was in Bason Bridge but I do remember being told that I was to keep away from the river or "Old Man River" would get me. I (...Read full memory)

I first attended this camp in 1954 as a baby of 10 months of age and my first experience of the sea was with my father at that tender age. I attended for at least the next 10 years and learned to swim in the sea at Pagham and often played in the penny arcade and in the dunes behind the (...Read full memory)

I was born and brought up in Maresfield and have wonderful memories of a very happy carefree childhood. Along with my brother and sisters we lived with my mum and dad and my dear old Gran. Gran had lived in the same cottage since she had married my grandad and in that 2 up 2 down cottage she had (...Read full memory)

Good times. No electric, log fires, paraffin lamps, everything cooked on the old faithful black lead grate which I had to clean every week. No running water - my job every night when I got home from school was to get the yoke off the wall and fetch two buckets of drinking water from a communial pump at the end of (...Read full memory)