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  • Do you remember stories about the community, its history and people?


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Reconnecting with our shared local history.

Take a moment to remember the places that have been important in your life. Where your family comes from, where you were born, went to school and got married; the towns and villages where you've lived and worked since. Recapture and rekindle those precious memories with this special part of our website. Here are a few of a favourites for you to read today..!

This photo stirs memories of West Somerton, my 1940's and 1950's childhood home. We kids trying to fish with bamboo stakes, string and worms, sitting beside serious fishermen on these banks. Then there was the time the river froze, we investigated and my sister went through the thin ice. We were wary of the river, (...Read full memory)

I was at St Patricks 1948 to 1952, I loved it there! I remember Pauline Quinn, her mum ran the laundry and little Margaret who ran the uniform and sewing room...I spent hours trying to darn a sock. Rosemary Bacon, Pauline Quinn and I were friends. Our ward maid was Bridie, she was a dreadful (...Read full memory)

I was born at 6 St. Johns Terrace, 3 doors away from Mr Bird's Post Office and store (which is shown in your photo). How many hours have I sat on those steps outside? We used to play in the road and when we heard a vehicle coming we would sit on the steps while it passed - I don't think you can do that (...Read full memory)

Now here's a place with some very happy memories. Beyond the field with the cows in was the BICC cricket ground (factory chimney in the background) - if you look closely the white building to the right of the picture was (and still is) the club, bar and changing rooms. To the left in the middle of the (...Read full memory)

I was born in Sheardale in 1948, it was a warm and friendly place with around ten or twelve houses and a village hall. Everyone looked out for each other. As time went on new houses were built in Coalsnaughton and later at Dollar, and people moved out of the village to modern houses with electricity and indoor (...Read full memory)

I remember the shopkeepers; Rees Jones & Fred Palmer (the butcher) also Sgt Brace at the Police Station. I also have very fond memories of the Bedwellty Show and the ink stamps on your hand to let you back in and trying to imprint them on friend's hands who hadn't been able to go in! I remember frog (...Read full memory)

My grandparents, Maud and Albert Benham, lived at Rose Cottage, 1 Warbrook Lane and I have lovely memories of many happy times visiting them during WW2. I lived with my parents, Jack (Albert) and Irene, in Camberley and while my father was in the Navy I would visit my nan (grandad having died when I (...Read full memory)

I was at Mount Pleasant School as a boarder for 6 years from 1946 to 1952. The school was in Dalmeny Road but apparently was taken down in 1965. I have been trying to find anyone who attended this school. Before going to school there I lived in Southern Road during the last 3 years of the war and remember all the (...Read full memory)

I'm reading a book. Came upon the name Christopher Wren (astronomer around 1683). Suddenly it slipped into my mind the combination Wrens Warren Camp and via google came upon this site. I'm Dutch, survived the winter of 1944/1945 in that part of the Netherlands still occupied by the nazi's. Almost no food and (...Read full memory)

My father, John, was a doctor at his surgery/house, Corporation Road and I and my brother John plus mother and father were in the shelter when the mine was dropped. I remember a discussion later about loss of panel patients (Lysaghts and Mannesment) in that street - mother kept the books! I well remember the troops camping on the (...Read full memory)