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Rural Life

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Caption for Leatherhead, Old Mill 1906: Leatherhead's mill pond was famous in its day for its depth and clarity. In this photograph the weatherboarded old mill totters towards decay, but times for swimming in the pond are advertised and a butcher's cart poses for the picture.

An extract from Surrey.

Memories of Leatherhead

I lived in The Mount near Fetcham where l went to school. One day l was out on my bike in Fetcham near what was them a bg field backing onto the school, there was a big local sports day and as l loved running l entered all the races to my surprise and my mother's l went home with the local silver cup which was (...Read full memory)

My 2nd great aunt, Kezia Rosina Southon, died here at work in 1915 of peritonitis and exhaustion. The matron in charge, Annie Kate , certified her death. I was wondering whether someone knew this.

My paternal grandparents lived and worked at Polesden Lacey from circa 1899 to 1906, under, first, Sir Clinton Dawkins and then later Mrs Greville. Their first born was at a large house in Leatherhead; their second born was in the house of Polesden Lacey itself. They left Surrey at that time and their other (...Read full memory)

Moulds was the first job my sister had. She started around 1958/9 ad during the school holidays she was easy hit hit for sixpence so I could go to the Cresent cinema where I could let my friend in via the exit door just outside the men's toilets. We left Leatherhead in 1960 emigrating to Australia. I have (...Read full memory)

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