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Trevor Sorbie

Does anyone remember Trevor Sorbie, who lived in Melton Avenue, Brampton. He went to Brampton Ellis junior school, he had a brother called Malcolm. He was a friend of Sheena Denis who also lived in Melton Avenue.He is a famous hairdresser.

A memory of Brampton in 1949

Growing Up In East Ham

My family moved to East Ham from Mile End. We lived on White Horse Road, and I attend Brampton Manor. My brother and sister attended other schools. We used to to the reck centre in Central Park, on Saturdays, it was so ...Read more

A memory of East Ham in 1975

My Great (X3) Grandad Was Olivia Sparrows Footman

This memory relates to the late 1830s and early 1840s. My great x3 grandfather, William Makepeace, was Olivia Bernard Sparrow's Footman. A number of his children, including my ...Read more

A memory of Brampton by Anna Barraclough

Street Party

Brampton Road Street Party VE Day ?

A memory of East Ham by Joyce Hunt

Fond Memories

I was born in Frinton Road, East Ham, in 1946. I went to Brampton Junior and EHGS before emigrating to Australia in 1960. I remember Brampton Park, the Dumps, Galleons Hotel (the prison hulks used to hold convicts until they were ...Read more

A memory of East Ham in 1959 by Rod Martin

My Dad

My dad is, or should I say was, called Brian Lee and he was born & lived in Brampton until about 1962 (ish) when he moved to Dalston, then I came along in 1963. He used to attend Junior school in Brampton ...Read more

A memory of Brampton by Karen Lee

Ww2 British Restaurant

Towards the end of the war a 'British Restaurant' was built in Brent Street, immediately to the left of this photograph viewpoint and directly opposite the Brampton Grove junction (Barclays Bank as shown in this ...Read more

A memory of Hendon in 1944 by John Barnes

Routledges Of Moss Row, Milton

My memories are actually too recent to be of interest but what may be is the research of my Routledge ancestors. They can be found in the Brampton and the Farlam Parish Registers from the early 1700's and they ...Read more

A memory of Cumwhitton by Wendy Larmour


Does anyone know of someone who lived in Brampton Bierlow by the surname of Pietrzak pronounced - Pi-et-track. If you do please e mail me on Thanks.

A memory of Brampton by Elizabeth Outwin

My Brampton Childhood

We moved to Brampton in August 1949 when my father (an RAF officer) was posted there from RAF Wharton nr Lytham St Annes. My sister was three weeks old - and my mum only just recovering from a difficult birth after also just ...Read more

A memory of Brampton in 1951