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Featured Memory: My Visits To Ik

I love this place and have been lucky enough to visit Inch Kenneth and the chapel a number of times over the past few years. I'm not a religous person but just being around the chapel and burial ground is special to me. I dont know why this is, but this place is very calming for me and I could sit for hours on my own and just imagine what things were like in the distant past. I could go on and on but it is really hard ...Read full memory

A memory of Inch Kenneth, Strathclyde shared by Mark Gray

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To all at francis frith.i have just recieved my copy of 'i remember when' which includes my entry about the witch from my family's past (page 197, bottom right hand side).

As a hopeful as yet unpublished writer, it was fantastic to see my name in print! to know that other readers will see my own name has given me an enormous kick.

Also, the book itself is prooving to be a good read that i can pick up and put down at any time and i'll always find facinating stories, some of which have already brought back memories of my own.

My dad is in hospital at the moment, so i'll be taking the book with me on my next visit to show him. he will be impressed with it too!

Thanks once again, all at francis frith for choosing to include my memory. i'll be using your site again to order very soon, and i'll sing your prais es to everyone i work with (whether they are interested or not)!

Best wishes.

Ann martin (one very satisfied customer)

Thank you for the fabulous photos of the house and the camping field which my grandfather once owned. i have had to buy three of your photos!