Local Histories

Read about the local history of favourite places across the UK

Within the Frith archive lies a vast amount of rich detail of both local and British history. Covering a 150-year period, it forms a record of social change without equal.

We have commissioned specialist local history authors to bring their knowledge and research to over 1,000 local history books. Some of the 10 million words of text assembled is now published on these history pages. They are a phenomenal resource for all interested in British history and we hope you enjoy them.

About Our Histories

Since 1998 we have published over 1,000 local and national history book titles, containing over 10 million words. A small part of this treasure trove of historical information and comment is published on this site. We have the goal that in the near future the full the spread of Frith's publishing will be represented here.

For Family History Research

Family history researchers will find rich information within the archive: the homes in which ancestors lived, to the shops & businesses where they worked, the churches where they were christened, married, or buried. Births marriages and deaths listings may provide a family history with it's structure, but the images from within the extraordinary Frith archive bring it to life.

For School History Projects

Frith offers a chance for school history projects to not just see local history and social change in instantly comprehensible detail. No matter the descriptive power of text, photos immediately show the reality to students of any age.