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Welcome to Frith Ads!

Between 200,000 and 450,000 people visit our website each month to view our photographs and local content. We are now offering an advertising solution for local businesses which will ensure your ads are seen by visitors who are interested in your locations.

We offer advertising that is:

1. Easy & Affordable

Simply provide us with a few details and we will do the rest.

Just £4.50+VAT per month per advert.

2. Low Risk

Try on a month by month basis, although we recommend you run the advert for a minimum of 3 to 6 months to give it time to work.

3. Targeted

Pick the city, town or village for your advert where your business is located for maximum return on your investment.

4. Exclusive

We limit the number of advertisers on each page to just 2 to 5 - depending on how many photos we have for that location.

Simply complete the advert template below, selecting the town(s) and village(s) where you would like to advertise - you will be given the opportunity to add surrounding locations as well, then we will do the rest.

More Information

Suggested business categories: based on our knowledge of the visitors to our site we believe that advertisers in the following business categories will see the best results:

  • Garden centres
  • Holiday accommodation - hotels, B&Bs, holiday cottages
  • Local pubs and restaurants
  • Genealogy services or websites
  • Estate agents
  • Visitor attractions
  • Rental companies for bicycles; canal barges; boats of all kinds

Our demographic profile: We have a wide range of visitors to our web site, from those wishing to buy gifts for others to business customers looking to service clients. Typically they are:

  • 50:50 male and female.
  • People who still live in the location they are viewing
  • A high percentage who have moved away but still come back
  • People who grew up in a place or who have parents or relatives living there
  • Visitors who are planning a holiday to somewhere they used to know or just want to explore