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My memories of Collingwood began with my very first day there, in 1948, when I was l was left alone in a big empty hall, not knowing what to do! Eventually one of the teachers came in, saying crossly, " Why are you crying?" and not listening to the answer! I believe I ended up having a good education (maybe being scared all the time helped !) and my favourite memory of the school was in June 1952, ...see more
My brothers and I watched the Queen Elizabeth's Coronation with a neighbour; the screen was so small they added a special magnifying glass. Even in black and white I thought it was wonderful. It was a cold day so felt chilly as being a teenager I wanted to show off my summer dress. In the evening I joined local youngsters by the bonfire on Ashtead Common. One lad lived in one side of a pair of nearby old wooden ...see more
The biggest reason I remember the 1953 Coronation was because it was the first time I had ever seen a television. I was only very young in 1953 but I was privileged to be able to watch Queen Elizabeth's Coronation live on a television. The tv was not my Mum & Dad's tv, they could not afford one in 1953, few people could, but belonged to a "wealthy" Aunt & Uncle who lived close by. My first ...see more
I don't suppose that many of my friends will have watched the last Coronation on TV, partly because it was 70 years ago, but mainly because very few people had a television. My father, Frank, had a Radio and Television business in Glasgow (C.F.Lines, 460 Paisley Road West) and borrowed a TV from the shop ( ECKO I guess as that's what they sold). He had trained in Radio Telephony in the Army and was ...see more
I was five years old in 1953 and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was the first vivid memory I have of my childhood. We lived at Midway, Cold Ash Hill, the major road through the village. Dressed as a pirate with silver buckles on my shoes, an eye patch and a wooden cutlass painted silver, with my childhood friend, Keith Stroud, we joined the throng of people making their way up the hill to the recreation ground. ...see more
I lived in Aldrich Crescent and to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Mrs Kelly collected contributions for weeks to pay for a coach to take the residents to the seaside for the day, which seaside? Memory letting me down, was it Broadstairs?
We moved to 2 Bower Cotts Balls Green about 1950. My dad was employed by the owner of Duckings, the farm situated opposite the entrance to station road. Nos. 1 and2 Bower Cotts were up on the bank almost opposite the school which was run by Mrs Gabb ( I think). I remember the Queens Coronation celebrations at Kings Hall where I received my coronation mug and the owner of Duckings had the old elsan toilet ...see more
The actual day of the Coronation it rained, not only in London but also at the village of Cresswell, home of my mother's family for several Centuries. The rain didn't bother us as we spent most of the day in the house of my Great Aunt watching the ceremony on her 9in TV, the only set in the row of fishermen's cottages once known as Fisher Row but now gentrified into South Side.The fact that every house ...see more
I remember well the amazing west road this was a group of houses owned by watney brewery. The road was enclosed by a brick wall at one end and iron gates at the other. No cars allowed. The families mostly only rented two rooms, so two families upstairs and two families downstairs. The milkman delivered via horse and cart, and had more than just milk to sell.The lamps were gas and each evening the man on his bike ...see more
I was born and lived in Wembley until 1960. The Railway Hotel was the pub on the corner of Ealing Road and my mother was head housekeeper there for a long time. On the day of the Coronation the pub was allowed longer opening hours and my mum had to work so my sister and I slept at the pub on the night. I can remember hearing the revellers in the street below singing and dancing well ...see more
It was the year of the Coronation and we, the Allans, had a T.V. We were all sitting watching this event when Mother got up and said, "right, one of you go down and tell Annie Laurie that Bill, her son, is on the telly". I said "who is Annie Laurie?". "Mrs Ferguson", she said, "run like stoor, move yourself". I ran down to the house and Mr Ferguson answered the door, "Whit dae you want?", "My mother said tae ...see more
In the 50's my grandmother and uncle moved to Pardlestone Farm near the top of Pardlestone Lane. My uncle kept a small herd of pedigree Ayrshires. I remember picking lavender flowers from the garden and sewing them in muslin bags and tying them with blue ribbons with my grandmother for the fete in celebration of the Coronation. This was held in the grounds of Mrs Cooke-Hurle who lived at Kilve Court. Another ...see more
I was only 3 years old and we lived in Elthorne Rd just across the street from The Militia Canteen on the corner of Villier St. I do remember the flags and bunting draped across the front of the buildingl and the coronation childrens party that was in the old Drill Hall round the corner in Whitehall Rd.. I remember this especially as we were served jelly in little frilly waxpaper dishes and it was green unfavourite then and now!!
My twin sister and I were recalling the day of the Coronation all those years ago. Jane and I were 8 years old. That morning we walked to Diggle's gargage next to the Co-operative on Hough Lane. We were' allowed' to watch the Coronation through a big window at the front of the house/building. It was raining all the time while we watched. We have often wondered why we weren't allowed ...see more
My parents and I lived in a prefab in Gale Street, Dagenham in 1953. I was only six but have vivid memories of the Coronation. My father managed to obtain a TV and all my relatives from Wales came to visit. It was probably only about 12" (with a magnifier in front to make it seem larger). However, we still felt really fortunate to have one, as not many neighbours were so lucky. ...see more
I remember the Coronation in 1937; my mother and father took us to party in the hall on the corner of Station Street and Tower Street, all the tables was full of all kinds of food. We were given a pencil pen, it was white with a gold crown, you twisted the bottom to bring the the lead out - also a mug. After, we went onto the Station Pad field where the kids had sack races; father said to me "put your feet well into the corners so you can run".
I lived in Lochgoilhead in the late 1950's attending a small mixed school at the beginning of the village. My father, worked for the Admirality. My three brothers and sister, were born there. We moved to Carrick Castle in late 1952 and lived in the tenement block directly opposite the castle for about eighteen months - we then moved back to Glasgow. One of my memories, was being given a coronation five shilling piece ...see more
I remember Roding Avenue (No.33) with very fond memories. Those names you have mentioned are still floating about in my brain! I remember the Coronation celebration party well; I was dressed as a pilot. My mum and several other ladies sang on stage dressed as Zulu women - they sang "Dem Bones". I now live in Norfolk and several neighbours and myself are going to try and recreate those lovely memories this ...see more
I grew up in the house opposite the Brittania Inn from early 1940 until about 1960. The shop next door, in the right of the picture, was a grocers shop, Stovolds. I remember spending the day with them watching the Coronation, as not many people had television in those days.
I was transferred from Myrtle Street to Heswall in 1953 as a TB contact, I was in a few wards. One faced the main entrance to the Hospital, another one had a partition across the middle separating the girls from the boys. The ward I remember most was one with a television, I watched the Queen's coronation and the Mathews cup final. The television was to the right of the door as you went into the ...see more
My memories of the Coronation-2nd June 1953 While I was studying at the Bridgend Preparatory and Commercial School two events happened which changed the course of history for Great Britain. In February 1952 King George 6th died suddenly in his sleep. He had been ill for some time but when the end came it was shock to the nation. Princess Elizabeth (heir to the throne) was on a state ...see more
I was born in 54 Mill Street, Trecynon. As was my sister, our mother and her brothers and sitsters. A little 2 down 2 up, stone cottage. It was on the top of the hill, and we could run down "the trip" as we called it, and play there, where there were fields and a stream. Or we could walk for a few minutes to Aberdare Park, where my father was Park Keeper. He used to call into the billiard club up the street on the way ...see more
Can anyone remember Coronation Day in Stokes Road? It's so clear in my mind but I have only one photo. We had a long table in the street . My sister was dressed as a Dutch girl and the boy next door called Lenny Moss was a jockey but his outfit was made of crepe paper and it split. I was dressed in baggy trouser and a crop top with a veil but I hid behind the curtains because of my bare tummy. We had our own Queen, ...see more
At the age of 12 I was a patient at Treloars in Alton, having been diagnosed as having TB knee - a clout with a cricket ball was a little more serious than just a swollen knee, and I was sent to Treloars in Alton. All the patients there at that time were in for the long haul - polio, TB in various bones, rheumatoid arthritis and other orthopaedic problems. I was required to lie flat on ...see more
I lived in Southall from April 1943 to May 1960, all my young life was spent there. Among the many good memories was the 1953 Coronation with all the excitement of sweets off ration and TV. We had our party in 2 canvas workman's tents from G. Wimpeys, Lancaster Road, Southall. The party was held in Lynwood Gardens off Lady Margaret Road after the Coronation was shown on TV. In the evening a large torchlight procession was held the length of Lady Margaret Road after dark.
I well remember what seemed like an age, the summer holidays of the early 1950s. My brother and I would spend all day on the beach or after the harvest playing stage coaches with the bales of hay in the field in Stocks Lane. In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II had her coronation and all the village turned out to celebrate. My father was the man from the Pru at that time, but his part time job was a special constable and he ...see more
A large wooden hall was built on land behind Mr and Mrs Chrime's house in Milton Road and we had a street party for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I remember seeing bits of the ceremony on someone's TV (we didn't own one) and it being very grainy, and all the 'old' women (probably in their 20s!) ooing and ahing! I would have been 10 years old and I got 2nd prize in the fancy dress ...see more
My mother took short term housekeeping positions and in 1953 we lived in Westbrook House in Westbrook village, looking after Sir Edgar and Lady Ludlow Hewitt. He was a gentleman farmer and I sometimes drove around his land with him in his Landrover. I remember beautiful fields with so many wild flowers, I would come home with armfuls. Cowslips are still my favourite. They went to London for the Coronation of Queen ...see more
I was born in 62 North Parade, Aberystwyth and lived next door to a very busy Gwalia Garage run by my grandfather Charles Abel Jones and his four sons. During the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the street was alive with celebration, with buntings hung along its length, and on the day we all sat on rows of tables in the street and had the most wonderful party. Great times. My parents Maurice and Gwen Henley continued to live there until they died in the late 1980s.
I think that this might have been taken in May/June1953, with the flags out for the Coronation. I was a schoolboy at the Royal Grammar School at the time.
I can remember Coronation Day in Shillingstone, the weather was not settled and there were showers, I can remember watching the crowning of the Queen on a TV which was in Mrs Fudge's house at the lower end of the village. In the afternoon we had a parade of fancy dress and walked to the recreation field where a fete was held, with skittles and side shows. During the evening ...see more
I do not know Compton but lived as a child next door to a lady who was daughter of the local gamekeeper.  Her maiden name was Churchill, Hilda Churchill, with two sisters Mabel and Alice.  I have a watercolour painting of her house at Compton done by H J Sage (a local artist) and would be happy to share this with anyone who may be interested.  Also amongst her posessions was a Coronation mug for ...see more
I was a young Constable in the year 1951, and fresh from Peel House, Westminster was assigned tio the Savile Row station known as CD. I lived at the Section House on Broadwick Street, Soho named after Lord Trenchard. Many times I was assigned to Piccadilly Circus, on the early turn or at 5pm to 1am for a two week period. There was the box attached to and adjacent to the stairs to the Piccadilly Tube ...see more
I attended the local school at the bottom of Gisbrough Bank - I have several school photographs of myself and classmates. I had a fight with a school friend as to whose turn it was to serve the school dinner that day. This was sorted by a teacher who said - You do it today - to my school friend and to me - You do it tomorrow. My tomorrow never came. That night I was told that Mr Pugh my foster parent was very ill and ...see more
In 1953 the village was chosen by Picture Post to feature in their Coronation special edition under the heading "A village celebrates". On the Sunday nearest the Coronation there was an open air inter-denomination Service held at the Cross; there were square dances in the Stables of Hinton House; a fete and handicraft show in the grounds; a revue starring most of the village which was written by Keith ...see more
A party was held on Riverhall street to celebrate the Queens Coronation. It poured down with rain and the girls went somewhere under cover, I think the boys stayed in the rain. Played many games and took part in races.  My sister was a sick child and was allowed to run in races with kids younger then her, I didn't think it was fair then and I still don't.  My mum was working, so missed the party. We went to a house to ...see more