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Loch Shiel

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Argyll memories

Ghost Stories.

As children,we attended Sunday school which was at the base in one of the nissan huts, as we got older it was the church service. After church we would walk to the Castle in pitch darkness, with Tommy and Bet Stewart, telling ghost stories. The castle was a ruin then with walls crumbled, broken doors, which I am sure was vandalism, you could enter into the Castle, not that we did as it was too creepy. It was always an attraction when we were younger. The villagers would gather wood nearby. Folklore had it that the cave on the back beach had a tunnel into the castle, I still don't know if that is true. It was our playground, as we were too young to understand the history. It stands very proud and I know the history now, and am proud to have been born in Dunstaffnage.

My Visits to IK

Chapel 1959, Inch Kenneth
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I love this place and have been lucky enough to visit Inch Kenneth and the chapel a number of times over the past few years. I'm not a religous person but just being around the chapel and burial ground is special to me. I dont know why this is, but this place is very calming for me and I could sit for hours on my own and just imagine what things were like in the distant past. I could go on and on but it is really hard to explain how I have felt about Inch Kenneth as an island. It has without a doubt got a pull about it because I feel the need to visit the island at least twice a year; but could quite easily live on her.

Post Office Radio Station

The Maritime Radio service of the Post Office had medium wave radio stations at Wick (Caithness) and Port Patrick (Dumfries & Galloway). As the Minches were a very busy area for fishermen from Fleetwood and Milford Haven, it was decided to put a medium wave station in between and the initial site chosen was the airfield at North Connel. The first station was situated in a caravan. The staff were drafted from other stations around the UK Coast and a 24 hour watch was kept to enhance the safety of life at sea in the northwestern approaches. The staff were Donald Morrison (a Lewisman), Angus Stark, Andrew Brown, Sam Kennedy, Stan Hardman (the token Englishman), Bill Moffat and Bob Mason came later. As time went by the station was moved into more permanent quarters; a Nissan hut left by the RAF. Later, four houses were built for the staff in Connel. This meant that the staff who lived in these houses had to finish their watch at 10 p.m. -... Read more


Bridge 1903, Connel Ferry
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The photograph shows our house in the foreground, originally built in 1890 and has a self-catering extension added on to make the most of the spectacular Falls of Lora. The photos I am looking for are of Connel Bridge under construction. If you do or know of a web page please email

Dunstaffnage The War Years 1942-45

In 1942 aged 5 due to my father being a shipwright in the Portsmouth Dockyard he was transferred to a satellite dockyard at Dunstaffnage where we stayed as a family until the war finished and we then moved back to Pompey. Workers in the Dockyard came from Chatham, Devonport and Rosyth. The dockyard had AFD 19 which was a floating dock to repair damaged North Atlantic and Artic convoy ships. My sister reminded me of H.M.S Bluebell, repaired, next convoy Artic, sunk, one survivor only. The village was made up of about 240 prefabs (I have photos) to house the families. We lived at 13b Hervey Road and moved to 10a when my younger sister was born in 1944. The "houses" were put together by the Royal Marines which had a camp there. What a life we had, playing in the wood below the Co-op, in the bay in the summer, on the hill on the other side of the Oban-Connel Road which only had ferns then, no fir trees like nowdays.... Read more

Argyll Hotel, Esplanade, Oban 1889 - 1896

My great grandfather, James David Smith, owned the lease of this hotel from 1889 to 1896 when he moved with his family back to Govan. The hotel was demolished in 2011 and there are only three old photos showing James from another web site, but I am looking for anyone whose relatives may have either worked there, or had any memories of their parents talking about it, or anything that may help my scrapbook of the Smith family's time in Oban.

I Was Born in Dunbeg (Dunstaffnage.

First day at the old village school, classmates, Mrs Gardiner, Miss Cowan.
Now live North Carolina, would love to hear from anyone who remembers.

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