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Annfield Plain

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Late Thirties.

My dad's best friend was George Barker born 1925ish. He lived in Annfield Plain and his dad was a fruit and potato merchant, specialising in bananas, named George W. Barker. Does anyone know anything about this family. Dad is trying to get in touch.

G.D. Lomax.

County Durham memories


My auntie and uncle, Ted and Kitty, lived in New Kyo in the sixties. Uncle Ted was the caretaker for (I think it was) the Miners Institute and they lived in a house next door. There was also some connection with a sewing factory. They had a daughter Margaret Taylor (Peggy) as she was known who sadly died in the early seventies. Peggy had two children Margaret and Catherine and they lived in Anfield Plain. Does anyone remember them and have any information about them as we have sadly lost touch? Would be very grateful if you could contact me. Hilary Clough (nee Turner)

I Lived There

My father, Chris Clarke, was catering officer with N C B. His office was in Stanley. Mum Gladys Brother Norman Myself Colin lived in official houses at far end for a few years.

Chester-Le-Street Dance Hall

I was good mates with a lad who drove a big white van. He was a salesman and had a fairly good standard of living. I met him while drinking in my local pub, the Springwell Inn, in Wrekenton. One Saturday we went to the dance hall in Chester-le-Street and had a great night as I loved dancing in those days with the Oxford galleries my regular haunt. We met two lovely ladies and found out that they lived in Hanging Stone, a place I had never heard of. Anyhow my mate drove the girls home and I recall seeing the television mast which appeared to be only a hundred yards or so away. We dropped them off at their door and although I saw my mate Brian on a few more times I lost contact with him. I haven't seen any of these girls since although I know that they both worked at the Consett Iron and Steel company. I am going up to Hanging Stone for a visit... Read more

Annfield Plain

My mother was born in Annfield Plain 1924, her name was Mary Johnson and she lived at 64 Clarendon Place. During the Second World War she was sent to Coventry to help the war effort, working in a factory. She married Arthur Armson in 1946 and settled in Coventry and I was born on 8th October. During the 1950s I travelled with my mother by train to visit and stay with my grandparents. The journey seemed to take all day, we took the train to Birmingham, from there to Newcastle, then by bus to Annfield Plain. As a young boy what I remember about Annfield Plain is the slagheaps I played on, the fish and chip shop on the main street and the picture house I went to at least 2 times during the week, as the films changed every 2-3 nights. I also remember going to the pictures in Consett where they had a number of picture houses around their main square. Happy memories.

Anderson Family of Railway Gardens

I am looking for any information regarding my family who lived in Railway Gardens, Stanley. Father: Thomas. Mother: Jane. Children: Cyllene, Jenny, Irene, Lawrence and Tommy. If any one has any information, please get in touch.

Stanley Front Street

I remember walking from Tanfield Lea to South Moor to visit my grandmother on a Sunday morning when I was 10. I walked to save the bus fare so I could buy a comic from the man who sold Sunday papers, magazines and comics from the doorway of Broughs doorway.

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