Barking, Faircross c.1950

Barking, Faircross c.1950

Neg. B440025

Memories of Barking, Faircross C1950


I was born in Barking Hospital in 1967 but my family moved into Upney House at Faircross in 1953 I believe, this may have been when these were first built. I have lots of memories of Faircross Parade, mostly of the different shops that came and went. To my knowledge, the branch of Bartons Barkers in the late 1970's became one of the first bakers in the area to bake it's own bread on the premises. Preedy's newsagents used to right below our flat and I spent many years delivering newspapers to all of the Leftley Estate and beyond South Park Drive on the Ilford side. I went to school at Barking Abbey across the road and have lots of memories of playing in the school playing fields behind the bus garage every summer. My parents ...Read full memory

Shopping In Faircross Avenue In The 1930s

I was born in Barking 25.04.1921 and I am now 92! I had four sisters and one brother. We all lived in Fanshaw Avenue with our parents, so anyone that reads this of that era, can relate to the shops and the great Barking people. I can remember shopping in my rollerskates down Faircross Avenue for my mum and it was certainly a quick way to do shopping, definitely quicker than walking! There were a variety of grocer shops, bakers shops and cobbler shops to name but a few.There was a Mark and Spencers clothes outlet and I still feel a sense of pride as I did then that all the clothes were made in Britain.The shop originated in Leeds where it was founded in 1884 and established itself in the NW of ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Winifred Lines

Skeffington Road

Hi , Does anybody have memories of Skeffington Road, East Ham? My Mam lived at number 18 untill she joined the forces in the war and then moved up North when she married in 1946. The family name was Jarvis and my mam was called Florence [ Dolly or Doris ].

A memory of Barking by Peter Hickman

East Ham 1966/1968

I moved from Dulwich in 1966 as my father was in the army.We lived in the TA camp on Vicarage lane and I went to Vicarage Lane School. My maiden name was Mcnickle. I attend it for 18 months then went to Burges Manor which I have since found out is called Langdon School. I only went for one term as my father retired from the army and we moved to Northern Ireland as both my parents are from there. I have lovely memories of Vicarage Lane school. In my last year we went on a school trip to Germany. I remember my mum giving money every Monday morning to pay for the trip, if my memory is correct, I think it was half a crown, not sure how long it look to pay for the trip but in those days I'm sure it was hard getting ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Sharron Hill

Upney Lane

I was born in the Cottage Hospital in Upney Lane in 1950 and lived in Beccles Drive (Glenny Estate) until I married in 1976. My grandparents lived at 26 Upney Lane, next door to Mr and Mrs Welch (Vera Lynn's mother and father). I can remember Mrs Welch who was lovely and just remember meeting Vera. My grandfather built a 'dugout' under the garage at the back of number 26 and during the Blitz Mr and Mrs Welch used to join my grandparents and children in the dugout. My grandfather told me that the bus station (where this photo was taken from) took a hit and a paving slab landed in their front garden a good 200 yards away on the opposite side of the road. I remember Faircross so well. It was always referred to as ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by Susan Mitchell

Living In Tanner Street Barkng

When I was four years old our family moved from Benfleet Essex to Barking. M y Farther took a position as Manager of a Corn Chandlers In Tanner Street, and we lived at number 81 next door. I can recall starting school at Church Street primary, although it was called an infants school then. my memories are so many it's difficult to pin down the best, but I will try. I used to walk down Taanner Street and over the railway bridge to school. Times were hard then and many of the pupils were very poor and badly dressed. High lights were the the school holidays, when my father used allow me to go with the horse and cart to the London Docks to collect corn and molasses for and other supplies for the corn ...Read full memory

A memory of Barking by lawrand
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