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Where I Was Born

Graham Street c1918, Barrhead
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Looking at the photo, the large building to the left was known as Moni's building when I was born there in 1957. My grandpa (Wullie Gray) lived just to the right of the Co-Op building shown at number 17/19 Paisley Road. He would have been 18 when this was taken. I believe the Co-Op is a Fumeral Parlour now but Moni's buiding is still there.

great photo

Regards Wullie Gray

Lanarkshire memories

Family History

High Street 1900, Paisley
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The picture of the High Street, Paisley is part of my family history.

My grandfather, Thomas Paton, worked for his brother, James, who ran a wholesale and mercantile stationers in the High Street. This would have been in the last decades of the 19th century, as it is likely James died around 1898.
I have a few references to the business, and a reference written by James for my grandfather, who moved south and set up his own paper agent's business in or near The Strand (1900-1920s approx.)
It would be fascinating if anyone knows more about the Paton family.

Where is County Buildings?

County Buildings 1900, Paisley
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I don't know where this is in Paisley, anyone help?

When I Was Growing up

I remember being very happy growing up as a child in Paisley. One of my happiest memories was being given a golliwog outfit from the Robertson's jam factory. A certain amount was given out every year at Halloween by the factory.
I used to enjoy the Library and Museum which I visited each week, and as I got older the visits became more frequent.
I remember thinking how vast Coat's Mill was and how lovely the river that ran past it looked - sadly the mill has now been renovated into flats.

My Husband Came From Paisley

I met my husband in Chiswick, London in 1967, he had come down from Paisley to find work. I loved Paisley, I wanted to move up there but he loved Chiswick. But we went up there whenever we could. I found the people very friendly and my husband's family were very close and made me one of the family. Sadly I lost my husband last month, how I am writeing this I don't know. I have been told I am welcome there any time. He would take me all over Paisley in the car, last time we were there a lot of shops had closed which is a shame. Must close now, getting upset.


I loved saving the gollys from the jam jars to send them away and get a badge back

My First Visit to Eaglesham Church

Church c1955, Eaglesham
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My first and last visit to Eaglesham church was when i was a schoolboy at lawmuir agricultural school in nearby Jackton. I must add that lawmuir was a boarding school in those days, and pupils went there on a voluntary basis, all paid for by Glasgow corporation education department, the idea was that we had half a days schooling and the other half working on the farm, the school was split into two different groups, giving the farm work a full days cover, we boarded for a fortnight at a time, and went home every second week-end, leaving one group of lads to help milk the cows, feed the pigs etc, over the week-end. our resident headmaster seemed to think that our spiritual needs required some education, so he decided that those of us who were not required on the farm, should scrub up, put away our copies of the News of the World, and pay our respects to the local vicar and his parishoners during their mid-morning service,... Read more

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