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Uncle Eric And Auntie Marjorie's Shop

The Village c1965, Bebington
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I was born in Birkenhead and moved with mum and dad to Northern Ireland when I was about 6. My mum and dad's family lived in Birkenhead, Bebington and Bromborough.

I was at my Nana's in Birkenhead and later Bebington for summer holidays. Once she, my Auntie Barbara, Uncle Eric and cousin Anne moved to Bebington I was able to run down to Eric and Marjorie's shop. It was a tobacconists. I know there were lots of sweets and ice lollies! Not sure if they did papers. They did small toys too. They lived over the shop and there were at least 2 other floors. My Uncle's name was Eric Jones.
I was always given free bits but never too much.

The grocer's next door felt like a cavern. I do remember the 'shades' - what were they called? - being pulled down to keep the sun out. I remember the lovely thatched cottage which to my eyes was a bit mysterious! Then the... Read more

My Life Started on The Brackenwood Estate

Brackenwood Gardens 1936, Bebington
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Wonderful times spent in Brackenwood (Rolly polly) Park Iremember the Beautiful Building in the picture. We lived on the estate,so mum would have to go there occassionaly and would take me as I was only a little tot then. The whole place was kept tidy from the entrance at the bottom of brackenwood road to top putting green. I used to be in the Cubs attached to the the 8th Air scouts whoes original rooms where the buildings behind the Golf club and old toilet block (near to Mount road) In the winter it was the best place for sledging, and all round the year courting your girlfriends. So lucky to had my childhood on the Brackenwood. Lovely houses,gardens,play areas,Storeton woods as well. I live in NZ now but remember it all like it was yesterday.

Saint Edmund's on Heath Road

Heath Road c1960, Bebington
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Was a resident there from 1957 until 1960. Interested in hearing from any of the pupils that were in the school photo: Summer 1959, form 3a, Saint John's RC Secondary school. My name is Peter Durkin:


Mayer Hall 1936, Bebington
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How lovely to see the wall on the other side of the road. Now there is open space in front of the library.

Writing on The Wall

St Andrew's Church And Lych Gate 1936, Bebington
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I went to St Andrews school in the 80's in Townfield Lane. We were often taken here to see the writing on the back of the church wall where children years before had written their names. The original school was attached to the church I think. I was also married here in 2004.

My Grandma Catherine Taylor is Buried Here

St Andrew's Church And Lych Gate 1936, Bebington
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The "Writing on The Wall" 1936, Bebington
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I remember this wall and steps, I was only 4-5 years old at the time. This wall is of No 47 The Village in Bebington, next door to the Rose and Crown opposite the bottom of Heath Road where there is now a roundabout. It was a very big house and had a massive garden, but was demolished some 25 years later and I remember some of the names of people who used to live and visit. I went to the old St Andrews School which was just off Heath Road. My mother and I were only lodgers there because of evacuation during the war.

My Grandad

Church Road c1965, Bebington
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I was told by my mum, still here at 88 this week, that my grandad on my dad's side also lived in the old hall with his sister who ran a soup kitchen. His name was Herbert Walter Dawson, the same as my dad. They were both in the police. My dad, after the war, being in the Chesers in Egypt, went into Lever's then into the police. He reached the rank of Sergeant. My other grandad's farther was an interpreter to John Laird.

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