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I am 62 years of age and never got to see my grandparents, but I have just found out today that they were married in Bedwelty, I have no idea when, but my grandfather's occupation was a Heaver, something to do with mining I have been told. His name was William Andrew Griffiths, and his wife's name was Sarah Jane Williams, also known as Sarah Jane Sheen. If anybody in Bedwelty has any information that can help me get to know about my grandparents I would be very grateful.

Gwent memories

Childhood Delight

I was born in number 31 Penylan Road, Argoed. With wonderful memories of playing in the fields all around, Argoed, it was such a safe place to play. Building camps in the front field, making dams in the stream next to my house, sliding down the tips, going swimming in the river - it was always freezing but wonderful, building a fire and roasting spuds, fishing - all with good friends, most of which were older than me but looked after me, being one of the youngest, only if I could go back fifty years.

Great Days

I was born in 7 Pennywerlod rd Markham and went to Markham school all teachers were very strict but fair Mr Morgan was my favourite a very good teacher. Early memories playing cricket on Markham common with Chris grey and his brothers Granville Frost, Byron Rawberry Paul & John Morgan all good friends at the time Markham has changed a lot since I left new houses new people but I wish I could turn back the clock and have all those days back

Ccefn Fforest

My memories of Cefn Fforest were of Whitson marches in your new clothes and having sore feet where your new sandles rub your feet raw. Along with Thomas the milk was Pughs Farm who had a horse and cart delivering the milk, my parents would send me out to collect the milk in a jug - this was before the milk bottles came into being. Also the police station where Sgt Church and Brace the Bobby put the fear of god into us. Of Mrs Wilton in the fish shop (the tin shack) over the shops where the pensioners bungalows are now, where you could get a penny bag of scrumps. The Sally Army playing their music on a Sunday afternoon on Bedwellty Road. Also the wonderful ice-cream you would get from Conti's next door to Rees Jones's. Oh, the butcher were Fred Palmer, a big man with rosey cheeks. Another memory was being made to go and collect the manure off the road after the milk cart had... Read more

Growing up in Cefn Fforest

I remember the shopkeepers; Rees Jones & Fred Palmer (the butcher) also Sgt Brace at the Police Station. I also have very fond memories of the Bedwellty Show and the ink stamps on your hand to let you back in and trying to imprint them on friend's hands who hadn't been able to go in! I remember frog spawn excursions to the Mansion Pond (my poor mother had to put up with jars of the stuff slowly turning into frogs), races on cardboard down Fern Hill just past the golf links, scrumping in the farmers field where Blackwood Comp is now and roasting our stolen goods in fire pits. Roasted until they were black ash but eaten nevertheless. I remember Cefn Fforest Junior mixed school and going on from there to Lewis School for girls (Hengoed) and the long walk up from Maesycwmmer up the hill past the viaduct to the school which was slowly subsiding and supported by huge timber posts. I remember going to the new school in... Read more

Happy Days

I lived opposite Thomas the Dairy and sometimes I helped to deliver the milk driving the milk float pulled by a superb Welsh cob named Rob, well known and loved by all the local children and winner of many rosettes at horse shows, including the Bedwellty Show.
I also remember the American soldiers arriving and being invited to play baseball with them in the "show". I often wonder how many of them survived the war and returned to the USA.

Memories of Cefn Fforest

I am the youngest child of Thomas the milk and delivered milk on horse and cart from age 11 for 3 years and then went modern when the horse died. I remember Alastair Macsorley, his mum and the rest of the family, they lived opposite our dairy in Penybryn Avenue, after they moved Mr and Mrs Roper moved into their house, next door to Doll and Id Jones. My parents had a bungalow built on a piece of our land, we moved in 1959. I am still working in Cefn Fforest Primary School, please get in touch, Alastair would love to hear from you again. Cefn Fforest has only changed a little, Park and Showfield still the same, Bethany Baptist Chapel is still there. I am still in touch with Roy Smith who took over some of our milk round, he's living in Cornwall.

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