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1960`s Bexleyheath Days

Pickford Lane c1950, Bexleyheath
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I recall Hides Department Store and a box of soft toy rabbits for sale. Jacksons Stores (the supermarket) and poking a bag of rice causing the whole stack to collapse to the floor accidentally as a child. The pub 'The Rose' perhaps is /was its name which had a wooden barrel outside which my father reminded me to kick each time we passed, as I had done first. Going to the cinema with my auntie Sesie, who visited from London where she taught. Going for tea under the parasol with auntie Sesie, mum, dad and my sister outside the then teahouse in Danson Mansion and the feel and sound of a wooden floor. The lovely pond in the Olde English Garden-Danson Park, the pond was very well kept with water lilly pads afloat. Going for rides also in Danson Park on a moving train by the lake and fishing with nets or putting our toy yachts out. I used to see people playing tennis in their whites... Read more

Bexleyheath Growing up

Pickford Lane c1950, Bexleyheath
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I used to live in Oakland Road off of the High Street. I also used to go to Uplands Road infants and Junior School. Saturdays were spent at Saturday Morning Pictures at the ABC cinema. I also remember Hides department store. After school, we used to stop off at the fish and chip shop and ask for bits left over from the chips, which were free and also the bakers for yesterdays cakes, which were a penny! I used to swim in the outside pool at Danson Park and indoor pool at Crook Log. I used to play in the swing park at the back of the cemetery that ran parallel to Oaklands Road. I went back a few years ago and was surprised to see the swing park is now a bowling alley and Oaklands Grove is cut in half by a one way system! How times have changed.


Pickford Lane c1950, Bexleyheath
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I lived in Stanhope Road from 1950 until I got married in 1966. I remember Daborns and going in there to spend my pocket money on sweets or something that caught my eye, Mr and Mrs Daborn - such a lovely couple. I went to Uplands Schools in Church Road, and the Girls school just round the corner with my best friend Tricia who still lives in Herbert Rd. We have such great memories of the gang, we spent our youth with Harding Rd. My maiden name was Oakins, so if anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you, happy days .

Silver Lounge

Broadway c1955, Bexleyheath
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I also loved going to the Silver Lounge for a lovely Knicker Bocker Glory a real treat. Then we would go and look round Hides which seemed very posh. Does anyone remember the Library, a wooden building that seemed to hold many books, and the pet shop on the next corner to it where you could gaze thru the window at all the animals.


Danson Park c1965, Bexleyheath
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Who remembers going to the Swing Park at the bottom of Lodge Hill? We used to play pick up the lolly stick - laying down on the roundabout. And a blindfold game was played on the Big Umbrella - The game was called L O N D O N . The person who was blindfolded would stand in the middle where the pole was and say L o n d o n coming ready or not, and the rest of us would be climbing like monkeys around the frame trying not to get caught. Then there was that long pendulum thing where some kids would sit on it and the others would stand at each end working to get it as high as possible. A friend/ neighbour of ours Karen Southall came off the swings and broke both arms. On another occasion a boy fell from the top of the slide and split his head open. Of course there wasn't all the protection you have now days in play areas. Not... Read more

The Pantiles And The Broadway

Broadway c1955, Bexleyheath
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I was born in Hurlingham Road, off The Pantiles during the war. The air raid shelters were still there for many years, and the allotments. School was a walk to Bedonwell Primary, joining others on the way. Weekly trips to Bexleyheath Broadway shopping and I remember there was a tea shop somewhere halfway up where occasionally mum would treat us to iced cakes. The Trolley Buses were also a memory and buses from the Broadway to Dartford Grammar for school. The photos certainly bring back a lot of memories. Now living in Australia, so its a long way away. And a wonderful big oak tree at the 122 bus stop outside Feakes and Richards Estate Agents. Mary Paton

Graham Road School For Boys.

Pickford Lane c1950, Bexleyheath
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I spent most of my younger life in Bexleyheath, we lived in Oaklands Road. I went to Upton Road Primary School, I remember that the Head Teacher was Miss Hughes. From there I went on to Bexleyheath Secondary Modern School for Boys, in Graham Road. I remember Mr Piper, Mr Bottomley, Mr Klien (History), Mr Cullem (English), Mr Morgan (French), Mr Locke (Sports), Mr Glover and Mr Jones (Metalwork), Mr Thorpe (Pottery) and the Headmaster was Mr Penny. The Deputy Head was Mr Austin. We also had the school divided into four Houses; Blendon (Red), Brampton (Blue), Danson (Yellow) and Upton (Green). This was between 1950 and 1953. I was a Wolf Cub at 2nd Bexleyheath Scouts in Bean Road, I was a Scout in the 4th, BexleyHeath Scouts also. I sometimes used to go to the Snooker Hall above Burtons, some Saturdays to the Drill Hall Dances (if my Dad let me out). I sometimes used to go to the Silver Lounge for a Knickerbocker Glory, I remember the... Read more

Danson Park

Boating Lake, Danson Park c1965, Bexleyheath
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I remember Danson Park from the 1950's. It is situated in between Welling and Bexleyheath in Kent, now an outer London Borough and is still worth a visit. There is a big house in the park which has now been restored by English Heritage, a nice rose garden and "The Stables" which is now a restaurant. There was also a Lido on the south side near the A2 road but this was closed many years ago. My father was a keen rower and he often hired a boat for a trip on the lake which also had a big blue motor launch "Miss Lingaid" but at 1/- (One Shilling, now 5p) a trip was too expensive for us and I don't think I ever had a ride in it. My main interest was a miniature railway on the south side of the lake. This was built to 9 1/4 inch gauge and ran for about 600 yards from a run round loop near Danson Road, where there is a dam... Read more

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