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Memories of Bexleyheath

By Gone Times

I was born in London in 1933 and later, when the Ideal Homes Estates were constructed, my parents with me, moved to Howard avenue at Bexley. Danson Park was the place to go to. Everything happened there. Firework displays viewed from the North Bank each year and, I can remember a kids fancy dress competition in which I ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by jbba20508

Lodge Hill Swing Park

Who remembers going to the Swing Park at the bottom of Lodge Hill? We used to play pick up the lolly stick - laying down on the roundabout. And a blindfold game was played on the Big Umbrella - The game was called L O N D O N . The person who was blindfolded would stand in the middle where the pole was and say L o ...Read full memory

Danson Park

I remember Danson Park from the 1950's. It is situated in between Welling and Bexleyheath in Kent, now an outer London Borough and is still worth a visit. There is a big house in the park which has now been restored by English Heritage, a nice rose garden and "The Stables" which is now a restaurant. There was also a Lido on ...Read full memory

Before They Put Numbers On The Years!

Gosh, I am so old, I remember the time that the trams (696 and 698) were changed for electric trolley buses of the same numbers. Does anyone but me remember the horse trough beside the clock tower?. before the war we lived in a tallj(five stories) house near the tower that has be demolished for the new ...Read full memory

The Green And Heversham Rd

It is clear from the post from John Howard Norfolk that he and I have some shared memories.I lived at No15 Heversham Rd,Saturday morning minors at the Regal,riding the 401 or 486 to go shopping with my mother in the Broadway.playing football on the green.I attended Pelham Road Junior school and then moved on to ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by geoffkemp

Bexleyheath In My Youth 1944 1960

I was born in 1944 and lived at 12 Rowan Road. I lived and played in Bexleyheath until 1960 when I joined Port Line and sailed off into the world. I returned after each trip but around 1962 I "jumped ship" in Australia. Sadly I never returned and was absent for my mother and fathers passing. So if anyone can ...Read full memory

Bexleyheath. Then And Now

I lived in Belvedere. My sister and I would walk to Bexleyheath, crossing fields to go to the Regal Cinema. This cinema had a fine organ that came up from nowhere and was played by Reginald Fort during the films interval. Words of the songs were flashed on the screen and everyone sang along.. Popular songs at the ...Read full memory

Steam Train In Danson Park

I was researching the existence of this attraction as most people I know are too young to remember it. In the early 1960's it was there and I did once or twice have a ride on it- It ran on the West side of the lake and the old engine shed is still there, I believe. As a kid- I loved to play on the track when the ...Read full memory

Bexleyheath Western End Of Broadway

Just behind the black car pulling out of a driveway on the left is Christchurch and cemetery. Also behind the car is the Pincott Memorial, which used to be sited where the clocktower now is. Pincott Memorial, a drinking fountain popular in olden days for horses, people and animals. You don't see many prams like that today either.

Silver Lounge 122696

Reading all the memories of the above, brings back a lot of my own. I lived near Richards Corner on the 122 route, and roamed from the Pantiles to Bexleyheath High Street. Went to school at Bedonwell 1949 to 1954 and then 1954 to 1959 Northumberland Heath (were you there then?) A paper round on and around Rydal ...Read full memory

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