Memories of Bexleyheath

Woodside Road Youth Club

Does anyone remember the youth club in Crayford? I think it was in Woodside Road and was run by a lady called Miss T. It was open five nights a week. We had some great holidays abroad together abroad, first in Austria, then Denmark and then Germany. It would have been around the late fifty's.


Ah, Dolcis' shoe shop where most shoes cost 49shillings and eleven pence. I was born in Woolwich Road then moved to Pelham Road and worked at Hides in 1958, Then at Wheeler's Library where my boss was a little old lady who always dressed in black and reminded me of Queen Victoria. She would eat calves foot jelly for her health, and ...Read full memory


I used to work in the Haberdashery department at Hides and my best friend Sylvia worked round the corner in the ribbon department. I remember they had a cat that had had kittens and the kittens used to hide under the counter and jump out, grab my ankles and bite! Wendy Appleton (nee Cawley)

Bexley County Technical School For Girls

I attended this school from 1952 -1954 when Miss Collins OBE was Head Mistress. she was very strict but very fair and kind to me having just lost my mother. I seem to remember Miss Odel as the Geography mistress who used to make you stand on your chair if she was cross with you. My form teacher was ...Read full memory

War Time

I was born in Bexleyheath in 1938 and lived there until 1961 You can read my memories in A Little Girl's War published by Amberley Publishing Wendy appleton

Bexleyheath Circa 1950''S

I lived in Faygate Crescent, Bexleyheath.  Schools I remember are Upton Rd, Gravel Hill and Bexleyheath Secondary Modern. I have fond memories of the girls school across the playing fields from Graham Rd (can't remember it's name) but I think it was divided by a chain mail fence and a footpath with locked ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Alan Ford

The Good Old Days

In the mid 1950's I used to work as a  young school boy on a Saturday morning for the butcher ( I think his surname was Finch) just out of shot on the extreme left of the picture. I used to ride a delivery bicycle, small wheel at the front with a large wicker basket. The photographer had his back to the Co-op and ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by David Roth


I lived in Stanhope Road from 1950 until I got married in 1966. I remember Daborns and going in there to spend my pocket money on sweets or something that caught my eye, Mr and Mrs Daborn - such a lovely couple. I went to Uplands Schools in Church Road, and the Girls school just round the corner with my best friend Tricia who ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Sue Kruse

Romance On Broadway

I met my wife Lorna on Broadway while she was shopping there with a couple of friends in January 1950. Seeing the picture of Broadway brought back many memories. Our first date we went to the cinema near the Clock Tower and saw 'The Captain and Mrs Muir'. We were married in Dartford in December 1953 and sailed for ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Ramon Lane

1960`S Bexleyheath Days

I recall Hides Department Store and a box of soft toy rabbits for sale. Jacksons Stores (the supermarket) and poking a bag of rice causing the whole stack to collapse to the floor accidentally as a child. The pub 'The Rose' perhaps is /was its name which had a wooden barrel outside which my father reminded me ...Read full memory

A memory of Bexleyheath by Ann Lewis

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