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Biddestone memories

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Biddestone Old Post Office

I am searching the family history and would appreciate any information on the Old Post Office in the village for that purpose only. I am researching Sarah Ann Whitbread who was born in Biddestone about 1851. Mother was, Ann Whitbread, and father, Thomas Whitbread, who was a harness maker in the village at that time. Ann Whitbread was the post office mistress and her daughter Sarah took over from her about 1881 or 1891.

Not Technically A Memory!

In 1974 my parents lived on a residential Caravan Park (2 Fox Corner, Thickwood Caravan Park, Colerne) and I am after some history of the site, for family tree purposes. They lived there for only approx. 8 months and then moved away. Does anyone have any photos of the old Caravan site locally - perhaps someone in the Parish collates such information? I was told that it was an old Prisoner of War camp, though cannot find evidence of this elsewhere. I would greatly appreciate any help you may be able to offer. Many Thanks. Becky


I was born in Biddestone in 1953. I went to Biddestone School, Mrs Taylor was the cook and I believe the teacher that I had was Mrs Walker. There was a large field out the back of the playground that we used in the summer for sports and at lunchtimes. There was some large trees along one side that gave us some shade on very hot days. On the 1st May we danced around the maypole on the village green. I also remember Miss Weeks who lived in the thatched cottage next to the school. My father helped when the pond was cleaned out in 1959, I have a photograph of this work being done.. I still go to Biddestone with our grandchildren and feed the ducks, it brings back so many memories.  I try to go to the village fete each year .

Memories of Wiltshire

Ford in 1939

My parents and I lived at Ford for a few months in 1939, having moved there from north London when my father started work for a building contractor on the airfield at Colerne. We had lodgings with a Mr and Mrs Pearce (or Pierce) at Mount Scylla Farm. It's a long time since I passed that way, but I was delighted to be able to recognise the place recently, on the Google maps and street view. The general layout of the yard looks more or less as I remember it, but of course some of the buildings are different.
As far as I remember, Mr Pearce had a herd of about a dozen cows, and every morning the milk was left in large churns in a pool of water, which seemed to be fed by a natural spring, by the farmyard gate, and was picked up by a lorry, I suppose from the Milk Marketing Board.
There were two working horses on the farm, named Captain and Gypsy. They... Read more


I don't have a memory but I do have a connection. My father's name was Edward and I know little about his relatives in England. But I did find an Edward living in Yatton Keynell in the 1800's at 1 Summer Lane. I have a strange feeling knowing that it was probably my father's great or some great grandfather living in that cottage. His occupation was listed as a Shepherd and had a wife 14 years younger so she might have been his second wife. And a bunch of children. As I say, there is a strange feeling of connection from Canada to Yatton Keystone even though my father was born in Kent and came to Canada when he was 3 with his parents. Perhaps some day I will see the area for myself. I hope so.

Monks Lane Chapel

Almshouses, The Schoolroom 1907, Corsham
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I don't really have a memory but went to visit due to family research. Monks Lane has a plaque inside referring to my gt grandad Arthur William Humphries that lived at Broad Stone Cottage with his wife and children. His wife's family being Jones lived in Monks Lane, the Vellys, also Lindley so Corsham is quite near my heart.

Glenthope South Street

South Street 1907, Corsham
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34 South Street was my home from 1963 to December 2007! My grandparents Ellen and Lewis Edwards lived here along with my mother Anne and myself.
It is the second house on the left with the single window upstairs. (This was my grandparents' room.) I spent many happy years here and can remember playing in the street with all the other children who lived in and close to South Street and being most suprised when a car came down the hill... Mk 1 Cortina!
The street has changed considerably as now it is difficult to park along the pavement. in the distance you can see the building which I believe must be something to do with the station which would be directly behind the house. I have also got copies of the deeds that came with the house stating that this was originally a field and permission was given to build these houses. I believe also, that the ones to the right of the picture were built slightly later?  Read more

My Home Town

I left Corsham in 1960 but although I haven't lived there for many decades I still consider it my home. I was born in a prefab in Clutterbuck Road, all my school friends lived in prefabs, even the Library in what was Beech Ave. was Prefab. the roads have all gone now, & when I returned there was a new housing estate where once were fields & allotments, I wonder if others remember, the happy times we children spent on our prefab estate.

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