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Blaengarw - Cooper Milkmen

I am a retired police officer who has been studying the family history of both my family and that of my wife, Jenifer Cooper. I am trying to trace relatives of the family and hope that someone may just know something of the names below.

My father in law is Cyril Cooper born 1922 in Herne Bay Kent, the youngest of three boys. His brothers and father were all born in East Ham and Poplar, London respectively. Due to the family moving from London to Herne Bay just before he was born he, consequently, has little or no knowledge of any other members of his family.

His father was Percival Cooper born 1879 and he was one of nine children. My reason for contacting you revolves around a brother of Percival, Albert James Cooper born 1872 in Poplar who married Elizabeth Smithen in 1893 in St Pauls Church, Bow Common, London. Records from the 1901 census show that Albert and his family were living in West Ham, London... Read more

Mid Glamorgan memories

Loved The Square

Oxford Street c1952, Pontycymer
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Watching the coal miners sit and talk and smoke. I miss the valley. Have been in the USA since 1982. Loved my time teaching at Ffaldau from 1971 to 1982. Kids and parents were great. Mam and dad died the last 5 years. Want to talk to old friends, take care Dai Harris.

Good Place in Which to Grow up

Oxford Street c1952, Pontycymer
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Really strange looking at the photo of Oxford St circa 1955.  It took me some minutes to work out that I was looking at the old Post Office from the Square.  I remember the railings outside the Post Office.  I guess it's all changed now but it was a lovely place in which to grow up.  No-one locked their front doors in those days.  Ho hum, how times have changed!

Paul, lived in Oxford St from 1953 to 1971.

Down The Valley

Oxford Street c1955, Pontycymer
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I guess this photograph is looking down the valley with the photographer standing near The Square. I can't quite remember the name of the hill (Alexandra Road?) just out of shot on the front left of the photo. It had a pub halfway up on the left, and a doctor's clinic if I recall correctly.


Oxford Street

Oxford Street c1955, Pontycymer
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The hill at the front, sharp left is indeed Alexandra Road and the pub is the Squirrel. The shop on the front left is Peglers Grocers and this became a Chinese Takeaway in about 1970 and is still one today. Just up from that is Emlyn Powell's butchers shop. Front right is Joe Polledri's cafe. Joe was a lovely man who only died about two years ago, well into his 90's. I remember that chewing gum machine well. Further up at number 21 is Morgan Roberts shoe shop where I was born in the flat underneath (21a) in December 1955. The shop is still open today. David Jones 17/3/08

The Welsh School, Bridgend Road

c1955, Pontycymer
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It is great to see a photo of the Welsh School that I attended from 1959 to 1963. (Bottom right hand corner). Miss Winnie Bisset was the Headmistress and I remember her teaching three classes of kids at once. My class only totalled four and I was the only boy. She died in 1976. I also remember the large house pictured in Bridgend Road. That was demolished in about 1961 and I remember seeing that they tied a rope around the chimneys and attached it to a car bumper in order to pull them off. Also on the bottom left is the top end of Bridgend Road which was demolished in about 1964. Number 7 had a murder take place there in 1907 where a man was executed for killing his mother. I also remember the house in the bottom centre down by the railway line. That disappeared in about 1965. Mid picture on the far left is the rear of Noddfa Chapel which I attended between 1960 to 1971.... Read more

Post Office

Oxford Street c1952, Pontycymer
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This photograph has changed little I think apart from the demolishing of the public toilets on the right. The wooden notice board on the railings advertised the weekly films featured in the "Mem" and always drew my attention as I walked past it. The Squirrel is visible just up from the post office and was formerly called "The Pontycymmer Hotel" but I am not sure as to when this pub changed its name. Just past the toilets on the right was "Sid's", the gent's hairdresser. He was there for years.

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