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Memories of Blaydon

Jtc & Clb

I often look back to the times when I was in the JTC & CLB; there was a group of us young lads went from one to the other as time went by. One lad in particular, Ivan Perry, who used to live in Flash Street behind the blacksmiths. His father (Eddie) was in the CLB when we were in the JTC. When we were doing the displays at the drill ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon by Jimmy Perryman

Joe Sapps

I was standing next to Joe, beside the plaza, looking down as the roofs came off Blaydon. The man had a tear in his eye, I'll never forget that day.

A memory of Blaydon

Summerhill Blaydon

I was born in Gas Lane, Blaydon in a house on the banks of the Tyne, next to the Black Bull Pub. I spent the first five years of my life on our small-holding on Summerhill, where we had chickens, horses and pigs. I have happy memories of playing by the burn and climbing through the derelict Summerhouse tower. I remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon

Whickham Cottage Hospital

I was about 6 years old when I was a patient in the Cottage Hospital when a bomb was dropped nearby. I can only remember being carried to the safety of the air raid shelter by a nurse and that next morning we found that most of the windows had been shattered. It had dropped far enough away for no one to be hurt in ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon by Dorothy Mitra


I was born in 1941. I lived in John Street, and hold fond memories of where I grew up, childhood friends were Alan Wilkinson, Maurice White, Jimmy Best, Glines Carr. Went to Blaydon West Boys School. Left Blaydon in 1953 to live in Devon. In 1969 I went to Australia and joined the Australian Army. I would like to get in contact with anyone who remembers me. Email address: popskiand@hotmail.com

A memory of Blaydon by Howard Anderson

Teenage Years In Blaydon

There was dancing at the Miners Hall, I used to love those nights, then there were three cinemas if I recall correctly, the Plaza, the Pavillion (the Pav), and another one that I can't rembember the name of, but I can remember it was near the railway and the seats used to shake when a train passed. I also remember ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon by May Lambert


31/10/11 My Great Grandparents were Joe and Ann Boyd who lived in Winlaton. Their children were Joe, Billy, George, Mary, Eliza and Annie. Thier daughter Mary married Jack Flanagan (my grandparents) on 12 September 1912 and they lived at The Garth where 9 of their 10 children were born. They later moved to 29 Springfield Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon by Christine Yates

Did You Know That California Is Actually In Winlaton Up The Hill From Blaydon

Joe and Elsie Boyd had a house built in California, which is a road in Winlaton. At that time California was a mud track and it never did become California Road or Lane or Way... Joe 'the footballer' Boyd was my dad and he played for The Spen, a nursery team for ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon

Childhood Memory

I recall moving house from the Spike, Blaydon, to a newly built house in Linden Road, Blaydon. The steps leading down from the gateway where not quite finished so my Dad had laid wooden planks down so my mum could get down to the house with the pram containing my little brother George, my sister Teresa and I where lifted ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon by Isobel Dunbar

John Street

I was born at 105 John Street Blaydon on 25/8/1943. Moved to the big house above the schools on the left hand side,The Curatage. Above that was Tweddles farm; Thornton Weddle ran the farm and his brother had a butchers shop at Blaydon. I remember the picture hall just down from the railway pub, it was called the Empire and had a ...Read full memory

A memory of Blaydon

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