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Our photographs were taken in black & white, but many were hand coloured in a Victorian style. Today the colour and spot-tinting work is done digitally but still involves a great deal of artistic skill. We bring you this special selection of favourite Frith photographs that have been brought to life with a splash of colour!

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February is the month of St Valentine's Day, and all things romantic! This post features photographs from The Francis Frith Collection all about love, romance and courtship.

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In former times the village blacksmith or 'smithy' was an important member of the community. The blacksmith’s workshop, along with the church, pub and local store, was an essential component of a village’s existence. It is not surprising then, that as Frith photographers travelled around villages they often captured the local smithy at work.

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Robert Burns

Archive photographs tracing the life of Robert Burns, Scotland's "national poet" as we celebrate his birthday on the 25th January. Happy Burns Night!

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Recreational boating and some rather more serious yachts feature in this nostalgic feature all about sailing.

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War Memorials

A special selection of photographs from our Archive of the War Memorials that connect us with those who fought and perished in the world wars that have shaped the world we live in today.

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