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Memories of Bradley

Mrs Loach

Over the road from the pub was were we used to have to go to mrs loaches .It was a tiny little shop, Could my mum have a quarter of boiled ham.the reply would be no but I've got some nice cheese.or tell your mother we've got some nice bananas.it was such a funny little shop .Hilda came the shrill voice get ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley by Eddie Potts

The Big Hilly

We where often told not to go there,as it was too big and we would get lost.Of course on a lovely day what a nice place to go exploring.Running up the hill and rolling back down. At the bottom of the hill you could see Bradley park,we didn't dare go.Over the years they built a library which when it opened ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley

New Year

The new year didn't mean allot to us kids.The local pubs where full and busy there was singing in the streets.The Bird in Hand is where my dad little Ernie Worsey would sing.My older sisters and their boyfriends would be out celebrating with dad,and us kids would be in with mum,playing offices or hairdressers ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley

Green Bus

I can remember waiting for my mum to come home from shopping.At the bottom of our road we could see the bus stop,it was only a short walk and my mum always kept good time.The no 23 or 24.Saturday was always shopping day,fish and chips for dinner,home made of course.The buses where always on time there was ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley

Bird In Hand

The local pub was the Bird in Hand. For the workers it was a meeting place. There was The Bush on the bridge, they were always busy.The lights always bright, lots of talking ,shouting and sometimes men were thrown out on to the pavement outside. Not many women went to the pubs, accept on a weekend when they ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley

Edward Mathews

My dad worked at Mathews the iron founders, little Ernie Worsey. He was a shift worker, always dirty covered in black sand from head to foot. My dad used to cobble his own boots, and big boots they were. It was hard work and very dirty, but it was work. We had several factories along the main road, but as ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley


When the pool froze over and we would become great ice skaters or ballerinas. We would go sledging on anything we could find on those banks, they seemed like snow covered mountains. We would climb and slide down so quickly. We loved every inch of the banks and the winter snow; wearing socks on our hands we never did feel the cold.

A memory of Bradley

Daisy Bank School

Daisy Bank, with the lollipop lady always there and ready to tell you off if you were not concentrating on crossing the road. Playing tick and kiss chase in the playground. Looking after my little sister when she started school, she hated it. Miss Newman, I think she was my first teacher, "now children ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley


Many happy hours were spent playing on the banks and the bandstand. We used to love it when it was time for the brass band to come and play. Football games and hide and seek, in the many bushes - come winter time it was sliding down the banks. I think it was more fun because we were not supposed to be there. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley

The Hairdressers

The hairdressers was on the same road as the pub, it was a local girl who ran it. There was a butchers and some more shops and you could get to the big hilly across the road. As kids we where told not to go too far down the banks as we would get lost. The gypsies had a camp next to the factory, I think ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradley

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