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Memories of Bramley

Happy Days

I was borne in 1956 in a house on Broadlea Grove Bramley and lived there until I got married in 1975 had really happy times and Iv lots of happy memories playing on the streets or in Bramley Fallwoods and at the canal I still live in Bramley but on the Swinnow

A memory of Bramley by maryhanley58

Bramley Grange

My father, Dudley Darrell was born at Bramley Grange 13th November 1909. He was the youngest son of fred and Jennie Darrell who had bought the estate a couple of years prior only to lose the property in 1911 during the recession at that timevand the loss of his diamond mining interests in South Africa, due in part to his ...Read full memory

A memory of Bramley by Joe Darrell

More On Eastwood Road.

My grandfather James Head and his wife Mary were the first owners of Arreton and my father told me he used to play in the meadows at the rear of the house. He told me there was a river there where he caught roach, perch and pike. From early family photos it appeared that Arreton stood alone but when we visited the area ...Read full memory

A memory of Bramley by Patrick Head


Me and my brothers and sisters lived in Bramley at the end of the 1960s, we lived in Gosden Common, right at the end where you went through a gate and there were two or three cottages and we lived at the end cottage no 11. Does anyone know what this address is? There was 8 children and my mum and dad who lived here. We remember what ...Read full memory

Please Help

I am looking for anyone with information on a Mary Frances Marchant. My grandmother, her and her family are all from Bramley - she was born March 1913. So I'm looking for anyone with memories of their grandparents who may of mentioned the family, that maybe able to help ..Children of Frederick George Marchant and Harriet Wellen ...Read full memory

A memory of Bramley

Bramley Grange

My grandfather was the Head Gardener at the Grange and my father was his Under Gardener prior to the Second World War. I am not sure of the years but remember visiting my grandparents around 1950. I have a vague memory that they lived opposite a Boys Home in the village. In later years my grandmother lived in a cul de sac of ...Read full memory

A memory of Bramley by Martin Stokes

My Memories From 5 Yrs Old Of Bramley

I was born in 1952. I did not at that time live in Bramley but my great nan did. She lived at the Tollgate in Birtley Road. Opposite was Luxford's Garage and next door to Nan's was a lovely old transport cafe. It did the best ever ham sandwiches; the ham was cooked on the bone and thick crusty bread. My ...Read full memory

A memory of Bramley by Ann Hall

Bramly Church And 'The Jolly'

My parent got married here in 1955 at the church and then they all crossed the road to 'The Jolly' for the reception.

A memory of Bramley by Rachel Major

Eastwood Road Bramley And My Family

My family have been in Eastwood Road Bramley for almost 100 years and some are still there. I grew up in Eastwood road; most of my family have lived there. My Great Great Grandmother,my Great Grand Mother and my Grandmother and my two great Aunts lived in the house on the corner of the picture (73) and that ...Read full memory

A memory of Bramley by Rachel Major

Searching For A Friend

i believe a friend called angela moran searching for me. i dont know the surname . were u angela walker. maybe you married. my surname isnt flood anymore. u can find me on Facebook. dawn whiteley. many thanks. x

A memory of Bramley by dawnwhiteley

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