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Bryn Pydew memories

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My Thoughts of Bryn Pydew

During the 1940s my parents lived on Bryn Lupus Road, Llanrhos Corner. I was born in Treherne House was the first house next to the Corner. One of our rambles was to cross the fields and walk through the woods to Pydew as we called it. It was a quaint village that was reminiscent of bygone days. I remember a house where a lady lived and she took me in and fed me. She had suffered a tragedy with losing her son in an accident. I was ginger haired like her son and she would feed me with biscuits. I was taught how to milk her cow and during holidays I would help her around her property. Later on my parents moved to Llandudno and they ran The Paragon Cafe on Mostyn Street. All our kitchen scraps were saved for the Pydew Pig farmer and some days he would take me to his farm and I would help with the pigs. I believe during the times I was in Pydew I... Read more

Memories of Gwynedd

Childhood in Glanwydden, North Wales

Is there anybody out there who lived at or visited the village of Glanwydden, or was a pupil of the local county council school during the period 1937 to 1945?, I attended the local school between 1937 and 1945 where I was educated by the likes of Miss Pierce, a lovely pleasant young lady who loved to play golf if my memory serves me right, then there was Mr Williams, known as 'Bulldog', a nickname that could not have been more appropriate, he was a domineering man who certainly instilled discipline in us kids and also gave us some good education; then there was the headmaster Mr Griffiths, quite a decent chap doing a hard days' work, and not averse to using the dreaded cane when necessary. These were the primary teachers as I remember. As this was the only school that I attended and which I left when I was just 14 years old, I should be grateful to that small group of teachers who tried to give me some... Read more

Would Like to Find my Cousin Harold Smith or His Wife Elsie

My husband and I visited my cousin and had a wonderful time there. My cousin took us all over to see some beautiful sites. Kept in contact with him until last year, but no return xmas card this year, how can I find him? Just loved his little house, can you help me?

Childhood Memories of Penrhyn Bay

Beach c1939, Penrhyn Bay
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My grandmother and grandfather lived at "Oaklands", in Maesgwyn Road, opposite a corrugated iron church. The road was unmade and beyond the church to the sea was a large meadow where cattle and sheep grazed. On the other side of the road were quarrymen's terraced cottages. My grandparents moved there in the 1920s after Grandad retired. Born in 1925, I spent much of my early childhood with them in the summer months. My last holiday there was in 1935. Afterwards they moved to the Midlands. Most of my days when the weather was fine were spent down on the beach. When the tide was out some patches of sand were exposed and many rockpools. I spent hours exploring these and finding small crabs and fish left behind when the tide went out. Memory has it that the weather was always warm and sunny although there were undoubtedly wet and unpleasant days. I was fascinated too by the tramway which ran from Llandudno to Craig y Don, and then over the... Read more

Great Orme Railway, Ty Gwyn Road Passing Loop

The Great Orme Railway c1960, Llandudno
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The Great Orme Tramway is split into an upper and lower section at Halfway station. This photo is taken on the lower section at the middle passing place, situated on Ty Gwyn Road just above Black Gate. At this point, car 4 takes the outer rails to pass car 5 which passes on the hillward side. The roadway here is 'pinched' [ie it suddenly narrows] and has on occasion been the scene of minor crashes with cars heading downhill whose drivers have not taken into account the outward swing of the front of the tram. Despite safety road markings, the tram driver sounding his warning horn etc., the writer was conducting number 4 on the occasion of a brand new car heading downhill venturing into the danger zone and having it's front and nearside panels brutally filleted by the front left step. The car driver waved his hands as if to indicate to the tram driver [who rejoiced in the nickname of "Bob Dog" ] to steer away!!! As if... Read more

Passing Place on The Upper Section, Great Orme Tramway

Upper Tramway c1905, Llandudno
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This is a photograph of two tramcars, Nos 6 & 7, at the passing loop above the Great Orme Mines. They are painted in the Dark Ochre livery which was only used for a few years after the upper line's opening in 1903. The haulage cables are clearly visible, these being of seven eigths of an inch diameter. They roll above ground on 12 inch sheaves and are guided by 'top hat' profiled pulleys. Every pulley requires greased lubrication on a daily basis, this being a backbreakingly unpleasant job. Without this, the cables would wear out quickly and would literally scream in protest! One can also see the two trolley poles mounted on each roof, these being used singly for signalling purposes. It was at this spot that a 'washout' of the track ballast took place in the late 1990s. This caused the upper section to be temporarily closed and required reballasting and new pointwork equipment was installed. A safety camera was found to be necessary, there having been several... Read more

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