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Memories of Burghfield Common


We moved to Burghfield Common when my father started work as an MOD policeman at Burghfield. We moved into Bannister Road when the estate was still being built and I remember my mother saying that one day she opened the back door to find an adder on the doorstep. My sister Maureen & I went to Mrs Blands School when Mr ...Read full memory

Burghfield Common

I was born and bought up in Normoor Road, Three Firs Way, Burghfield. I went to Blands, Garlands and then Willink. My mum, her sister and brother all went to Mrs Blands school on Reading Road in the early 50's. My surname then was Earley and I loved living in Burghfield, I still miss it but I still take my son ...Read full memory

A Great Village

I was born in the village and so was my father. Growing up was great, we used to walk over the common, which we lived in front of in Bunces Lane, leave doors unlocked etc, go for bike rides, in the village everyone knew everyone! If you got done or caught by the local copper, he would tell you off and then see your ...Read full memory


I was born in Blands school house in December 1945 where I lived with my eldest sisters Sheila and Janet and later my brother Keith. My mum looked after the children and my dad ran the school as headmaster, At the side of the house was a small gate leading into the playground, where I used to spend time talking to the ...Read full memory

Mrs Bland's School

I, with my brother Malcolm, attended the original Mrs Bland's School when it was in Reading Road. I think we started around 1957/8. From there we were two of the first fifty pupils to attend Theale Grammar School in 1963. This year (2013) along with several others of the first fifty pupils, plus some from the ...Read full memory

Burghfield Common

I was 1 of 9 children, we were placed at 83 Hunters Hill. I went to Garlands Schhool. My friends were Sharon Mallem, Jackie Baily, Jackie Bruce, Connie Sharky. I remember others ie the Farmers, Beals, Kemps, Longs,and more. We got the news a 4 bed house at Purley, mum and dad were really upset but needed more ...Read full memory

Mrs Blands School

We moved into School House in 1941 when my dad, Mr Halfpenny, took over as Headmaster. I was 3 and my sister Sheila 7. I loved living on the school premises and would creep into the infants class with my gas mask when the teacher, Mrs Carbine, wasn't looking so I could dive under a desk when they practised ...Read full memory

Life In Burghfield In The 1950s

The passageway led from Clayhill Road all the way through the village, and came out on the Reading Road, some 2 miles away, the passageway was used by us children daily as a short cut to school, and it went by the side of most people’s fields and the odd house. Further down the passageway and at the ...Read full memory

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