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Memories of Bushey Heath

Memories Of Rosary Priory

My brother and I were two of the few boys that attended Roaary Priory from 1966 to 1970. Other boys attending at that time were Martin McDonald, Keith Putnam, Mark Porter, Timothy York, Guido Alzetto and Ramses Tadros, I remember playing soccer in the lower fields and exploring the abandoed farmhouse when the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey Heath

Denise Davies Nee Smith

I started at Rosary Priory in 1953 when I was 8 and left at 18. I was so happy there that our 2 daughters attended the senior school until we moved to Wiltshire. When I first started at RP the only building was the beautiful old original one, but both new blocks were completed by the time I left. A few years ...Read full memory

1966 To 1975

Hi, my name was Elizabeth Yeomans, I was in the same class as Zoe, Bernadette Parkes, Caroline(who was my best friend), Dawn , Kate, Laura and Angela. Would love to hear from anyone who was also there during this time. I was 6 in 1966 when I joined the junior school, and left at the end of year five in the high school, as we moved to Suffolk.

A memory of Bushey Heath

School Years 1960 1967

I attended Rosary Priory from September 1960 until July 1967 and was known as Shirley Hayward. I now use my full Christian name and have done for many years which is Shirley-Anne. I loved every minute (except for the Maths lessons - I was hopeless but Geometry was a doddle - strange that!) I didn't want to leave. ...Read full memory

Memories Of Holly Grove House Little Bushey Lane

I lived in Holly Grove House for 16 years till 1960 when we sold the house to a developer. A E Mathews used to come to parties at our house, he built four tubs house oppersite where he lived but could not afford to live there. The pub was once the coachman's house for Holly grove that was ...Read full memory

School In The Fifties

I attended Rosary Priory in the fifties - I started there in September 1952 and left in December 1958 when we moved to Woking. My name was Jennifer Stirling. I remember the strict nuns and the uniform with the blue & white 'Juliet' caps and the white gloves very well; also the navy blue knickers that we had to wear ...Read full memory

Rosary Priory School 1950's

My name was Jennifer Barnett and I attended Rosary Priory in the 1950s.  One of my memories is of the nuns teaching us the 'facts of life' which consisted of being told to always wear dresses with sleeves and never to sit in the back row of the pictures .... no reasons were given.  I also remember ...Read full memory

Iuhs 1982

It was one of the greatest years ever. The area is beautiful and the school grounds are spectacular. I've located many former classmates...mostly everyone except for Jerrilynn Rhoades. Jerri, if you see this please contact me. Many of us are on Facebook.

Graduated 1979

I have fond memories of this place. I went there from 1978-1981. I graduated from IUHS in 1979 and spent one year at IUE before going to IU in San Diego. I had the best time here. I boarded for that entire time and with some great friends had some amazing memories. Saw some of my favorite concerts while at this school. I ...Read full memory

Old Days

My name is Anne Baker and I started school in 1953 and I left when I was 16 years old. Is the school still open? I enjoyed during art lessons in the tower. The school clothes always looked smart and we wore gloves. I used to live near Bushey Park.

A memory of Bushey Heath by Anne Baker

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