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Milton rd Carcroft

I remember growing up on Milton Road. Most of the families moved in at the same time, we were mostly from Scotland, our dads came to Doncaster to work in the coal mines. All our neighbours were friends, all the kids played together regardless of thier age; rounders, running round the block, kirby, hide n seek. We were out from morning to night, only going home for food. I have great memories of growing up here. Parties every old years night in every house on the street and everyone was welcome, friends neighbours and strangers. My dad still lives on this street and a lot has changed but its still our road and as some locals called it the Scots Estate.

South Yorkshire memories

Skellow Hall Children's Home

I can remember the day I first went to Skellow, in the year 1950. I was put into the children's home at the top of Skellow Road where three of my brothers were at the time. The superintendent then was Mr Rhodes and his wife Mary. They only lasted four years of my childhood as the new superintendent came, who was there till the day I left, some nine years later. Lads attended the local schools, first the older lads who attended Skellow Secondary Modern School and I at the infant school that was joined on to it. The building was far smaller than what is there now, plenty of room to play and orchards which bears a variety of fruit. The old stables were in good order and the coach houses used as garages. My memories were of good and bad of my treatment at the home, but as far as I'm concerned will be with me for the rest of my days, I hope to finish a book... Read more

Skellow Childrens Home

I too, went to this Children's Home in the early 70's - I was forced there by my evil mother. We used to play cricket on the front lawn. My nickname was always 'new kid'..... If you had an argument with anyone, the staff would erect a boxing ring and issue gloves to fight off against each other - can just see that happening these days! I had a terrible early childhood. Why...

Lodge Road

I was born 6 January 1956 at 4 Lodge Road across from Skellow School on a Friday morning. My parents baptized me Shirley when I was 3 years old at Owston Church, my surname was Brown. My past relatives are buried in the grounds of this church from way back. I am trying to find history of the road I was born on as I know there will be some somewhere. There is still a wood across the road, I remember there was a cottage at the beginning, I often wondered who could have lived there in the past.Wwho would know today I wonder?

Skellow Hall

I remember boys from Skellow Hall coming to our school, I remember two brothers there called John and Peter Caveney. I don't know where they were born and the reason they were in the home, we were all friends in those days no matter where you were from - I will never forget them. Anyway we were only 12; we all will be 57 years old now... how the time has flown. I lost touch with them and I wonder if they would still remember me? My surname was Brown in those days!

The Pit

Hampole Balk Lane c1960, Skellow
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I was born in Skellow, 1 George Street. My dad, grandad and uncle worked at the pit; my dad and grandad in the power house ..I spent many happy days there sitting behind the big table with me dad, grandad and uncle ..I blew the pit whistle a few times. I remember all the cats, we used to take one home. My mates swimming in the res. close to pit. I had my hair cut many times there with the old cutters. I used to take me dad fish & chips from local fish shop. Many times I found him asleep ..but he did work 7 days a week all is life.

Skellow Park

The Park c1960, Skellow
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i was born right next to the park at number 3 Laurel Terrace. My parents were called Sam & Edith Barnett. I lived there for nearly 30 years & spent many a happy day as a kid in that park, climbing trees & making up games with my mates to play until dusk when the park keepers came & booted you out so they could lock the gates. I even remember security coming down Laurel Terrace at night in a van, checking that the park gates were locked & secure. So long ago, but remember like yesterday.

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