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Summer Hols

My friend Sue and myself would travel by train from Worcester to Cardiff in the school holidays and stay at the shop at 99 Coedpenmaen Road it sold groceries and papers. The people who owned the shop I cannot remember their names but their daughter was married to a man called Peter who was a friend of Sue's parents. They would take us out when the shop was closed and I remeber being so happy. I learnt to swim in Cardiff pool. We would go to the chip shop and buy cutlets of cod on a Friday. I have so many happy memories as I was about 11 years old. I wonder if the shop is still there? I must go back one day.

Mid Glamorgan memories

Llansamlet School in 1973 to 74

I remember first going to this school as if it was yesterday, my mum also went there and I remember my mother saying that she had a teacher and her name was Maisie Clements and another who did geography, so when I went there they were both still there teaching us. I never liked the geography teacher because he always had a massive long stick on his table that reached to the back of classroom and he used it to whack us on the head or shoulders to get us to concentrate, his name was Mr Williams, I am sure whom ever was taught in this school in 1971 to 73 would remember him and Maisie who drank her whiskey behind the blackboard and wore cherry red lipstick and a wig that hung round her neck, she was the religious education teacher, she was crazy but I did like it there and I can still remember a few of my friends who attended there when I did so come on... Read more

My Courting Days

Common, The Memorial c1960, Pontypridd
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I lived in Mountain Ash and my husband to be lived in Cardiff, we both used to travel on the bus to Pontypridd to meet up. From there we would walk up to the monument for a kiss and a cuddle. We spent many happy hours up here thinking of our future together. Some times it was so cold we could hardly walk back to the bus as we were frozen. Now 47 years later we sometimes travel to Merthyr and every time we pass the monument we have lovely memories.


Ynysangharad Park c1960, Pontypridd
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It was approximately 1960 that whilst bathing in the 'pool' as a child of about 3, I held onto the rail at the edge of the 'boardwalk' and became stuck as my legs were pulled underneath where the water poured in (not being strong enough to pull my legs back) and had to be rescued by another child. Scary!!

Working in Wollies

Taff Street 1952, Pontypridd
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Whilst still at school I had a job on Saturday's at Woolworths, earning 16s11d for working 9am to 6pm. We had to serve the customers,(no checkouts then). My first day was on the fruit and veg counter and had to learn to use the old style weighing machine, also had to add up the items in our heads as we served. It was a really happy place and I loved it.


Ynysangharad Park c1955, Pontypridd
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i dont have a clear memory of pontypridd, i was a baby of 14 months, a twin when our mother died giveing birth to a baby, her name was margret olwyn birch,nee owen, we were all put in the childrens homes, and my twin and i was adopted by two diffrent people, my other brothers and sisters were brought up in the home. we were born in number 7 norton bridge as it was called then, its now called pontsionnorton .i have visited where i was born, it has wonderful feelings of comeing home. if any one knows of my mother i would love to talk to them. i believe there was a calenda done 2 years ago of norton bridgewith photos of people who lived there in 1943 i would love to see the calender or even just the photo of mother and twins.


Graigwen From Above The Station c1925, Pontypridd
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The picture is of Graigwen taken above Pontypridd station with Graig yr Hesg in the background.

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