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People And Friends That I Knew or Know, And Places That I Worked at

I lived on Lilley Street (off Queens Road) and used to go in: The Bottom Derby, The Osborne House, The Milan, The Forresters, The Salvage, the Robin Hood and occasionally Bernard Mannings Embassy Club. I used to go out with the landlord's daughter at the Robin Hood, she was called Sheila Inman whom I believe went to live in Australia, not a bad judge but to mention a few pubs that is, not girls. Did anyone else go in these Pubs? They were always lively and full of music or live bands where everyone would join in - those where the days, hey. I worked at Mather and Platts, Holts's Brewery, Acme Tin Works, the Regent Mill and the Warwick Mill as a Doffer, and Turkey Lane works. Anyone else work in the mills? I guess you must of. I would love to hear from you. Peole or friends that I knew or still know, unfortunately a few of them have sadly passed away. Nat Jacobs (the boxer), who fought for the British title as a pro - I still go for a pint with Nat and keep in touch, I first met him when I was 12. Also other friends like Ray Slack, who I recently met up with and had a pint with him (great guy). Johnny Tarpey, Nipper Keelan, Brian Dolan, Tommy Littlewood, Stan Hicks, Tony Costin (who recently passed away, sorry to say), Mogsey, Jimmy Monegan (the boxer known as Jimmy Swords), Irene Steele, Pat Annesley, Anita Goodwin. Wilf Rutter, Joyce Wrax (whose parents owned the cafe on Queens Road) - I used to go out with Joyce and I think it was called the Regent, Archie Wrax owned it (was quite near the Milan. Also an old friend who I knew was Melita Boss, she lived in a caravan off Queens Road, it was there for many years, near the Robin Hood. Also Johnny Ormon or Ormond, seen him a few times and had a catchup with him. Another really good friend of mine was Maureen Quigley, she used to live near The Osborne pub put moved to Moston last time I heard, anyone remember her? Also Sheila Moran who lived just off Oldham Road, got back in touch with her and we had a good chat on the moby as you do - we are still the best of friends. She contacted me after I put a message in the 'In Touch' column of the Evening News trying to gain contact with old freinds. Mary Johnstone who lived in the Dwellings on Cheetham Hill, sadly passed away recently, and Spechco, who I believe also sadly passed away. My Auntie Eileen lived on Hillman Close near the ACME. Well it's great to read all your messages on here, and have a chat and a catchup. Hope that you're all keeping well, and carry on keeping well. You're the life and soul of Collyhurst, Miles Platting. Have exchanged messages with one or two of you after only being a member on here for a few days, thank you. Do feel free to get in touch or send me a message - take care all. If anyone knows or knew any of my former friends, will you please let me know - or let them know about this site. Thanks a lot. Alan Briggs

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A memory of Collyhurst in Lancashire shared on Wednesday, 4th July 2012.

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RE: People And Friends That I Knew or Know, And Places That I Worked at

Hello there, in answer to your request about places you knew. My uncle John Winter, used to sing regular at the Salvage, I always seem to remember it being quite near Fanny Rainer's shop. My mam and gran worked at the Acme tin works on Churnet street, Mary Gaskin and Flo Winter, respectively. Do you remember the Three Tunns on Rochdale Road and Dransfields toy and bike shop? It's 40 years since I lived in Manchester, but I don't care who you are, you don't forget the Collyhurst people - 'salt of the earth'. My dad, Les Gaskin and my uncle Norman Winter went to school with Bernard Manning and his two sisters. Bernard's dad once got the police on to my uncle Norman, when he was about nine years of age. He pinched a cake off the back of Mr Mannings bread van. Mind, it was before the war and a cake was something special. I was a teenager in the 60's - we used to go to the Domino club, it was really good. Glad I was born then and not now, because the kids of today don't know what they've missed. Good luck to you!

Comment from Elaine Carlin on Wednesday, 18th July 2012.

RE: People And Friends That I Knew or Know, And Places That I Worked at

Hi Elaine, thanks for commenting on my post. Mind, the size of Bernard Manning, that's why he was so big - he probably ate most of the cakes. I think I used to go to the Domino club as well, can't recollect where it was now tho, it wasn't the old cinema was it, near the embassy club? Did you used to go in the Bottom Derby on Rochdale Road as well or the Robin Hood on Queens Road. I used to wait on in the Salvage, and my friend Nat Jacobs was on the Door. It sounds like you were knocking about in Collyhurst the same time as I was. Did you go in the Forresters or the Milan - who did you know from the time? Alan

Comment from Alan Briggs on Wednesday, 18th July 2012.


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