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Corfe Mullen memories

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A Brief Time Spent at St Michael's Children's Home

Hello, I was at this children's home for a few months around Christmas time around 1947-49. I am trying to put the pieces together as to why I was sent there and what it was all about, as my family never wanted to discuss this time. I remember we went to see Old Mother Riley in pantomine and there was a older girl called Connie there at the time who tried to escape at one point with one of the other girls. If you have any information that might help me fill in the many blanks in my memory of this time I would be extremely grateful. I am so pleased even to hear that there is at least one other person who may have been around at the same time.

The Auction of Col. Tyrringham's Estate

I had been transferred from Canada to UK in 1967 to work at Winfrith Heath. We lived in Willow Lodge. There was an auction of the estate of a Col. Tyrringham at his spacious home nearby. We purchased several wonderful antiques which we still have. I have often wondered who he was; there is no track I can find on the internet. Was anybody else there and can anyone tell me about the Tyrringhams of Dorset?

St Micheals Central Avenue

My very early childhood was spent in the childrens home, St Michaels, from 1940 - 1956. The home was run by a Miss D Dunn from 1940 - 1956. I would be happy to share memories with anyone who was there during that period.

Memories of Dorset

My Memories of Broadstone

My earliest memories of Broadstone stem from about 1937 when I was five years old. We lived in Southbourne at the time and frequently went to Broadstone at weekends to visit my "aunt Flo" and her family who lived at Lower Blandford Road. She was my mother's sister and their children Roy and Rex Cannings were about my age(Roy and I were born six days apart and Rex was a bit younger), also my Dad's brother Uncle Archie and his wife were the gardner and housekeeper respectively at a beautiful house called "The Cobbles" at Gravel Hill. I well remember the journey via Arrowsmith Road and Dunyeats Road when, at the right time of year, the whole area was a mass of rhodadendrons in bloom, and how my mother admired them. To me, living in urban Bournemouth, it meant a chance of being in a delightful rural atmosphere. I loved "going up the village" where my Uncle Charlie worked for Mr Watkins at the grocery shop in the Broadway, and... Read more

Happy Days!!

I moved to Broadstone with my parents at the tender age of 2, and we lived in Sidney Road, off York Road. It was 1950, and ,of course there was no Waterloo Estate at that time, so York Road ended when it came to the railway line and the tiny station of Creekmoor Halt. Most of the people using the station worked in the Cordite factory (where Siemens is situated now). It seemed quite a forbiding and secretive place to us as 6 or7 year olds when we cycled down there to watch the trains.
Around 1956, we moved up into Broadstone proper, and lived in Clarendon Road. There were grass verges all the length of the road, I remember---no kerbs!! I think it must have been around 1959, that there was talk of starting the no 30 bus to Poole from the top end of Clarendon Road, so the Council decided to "do up" the road. It was a bit sad to see the grass replaced by concrete... Read more

The Old School

My memory of Lytchett Matravers is of the old school. It was a hundred years old in 1974 and everybody who attended the school at that time joined in the celebration. I was ten at the time and wrote a poem for my part in it all. Mrs Cox, the oldest woman in England at the time and resident of Lytchett Matravers recalled her memories as one of the first children to attend the school one hundred years today. I am still a resident of Lytchett Matravers to this day and recall those memories fondly. My poem: nine o' clock bell, nine o' bell, altogether at the nine o'clock bell, pushing, punching, kicking, altogether at the nine o' clock bell.

East Street 1936, Wimborne
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In 1938 my mother walked this street with me and my brothers and sisters every week, to and from Cowgrove to visit my Grandmother, who lived in a row of cottages around the corner (coming from the Minster) which I believe was Poole Road. If my memory serves me, there were cottages running at right angles to the road, with a path between the cottages and the toilet, which consisted of a door, wooden walls, a plank, and bucket. The gardens behind the toilets were full of flowers and veg, the likes of which it's hard to find today. I wonder why? I have searched for photos and mentions of the old Iron bridge over the river at Cowgrove, as I lived in an old thatched cottage, which has long since disappeared. In the corner overgrown patch opposite was the car park of the Wooden bridge. My days were spent fishing and playing with my brothers along the river bank, and on the old bridge. I started school... Read more

Family Connections.

East Brook 1908, Wimborne
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The lady standing on the bridge is my great grandmother Hannah Elton nee Churchill and the small boy her grandson, Cecil Henry Stickland, my uncle.  He became the verger at Christchurch Priory.  Hannah lived with her husband Henry, a carpenter, in the cottage to the left of the photograph just out of shot.  Hannah was the local midwife and at the time the photograph was taken her daughter Louisa Eliza had returned to her parents home for the birth of my mother, Ivy Emma Stickland.

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