Corringham, Giffords Cross Avenue c.1960

Corringham, Giffords Cross Avenue c.1960

Neg. C243055

Memories of Corringham

When We Were Young!

Way back in the early 1950's my friends and I went everywhere on our cycles. On one occasion three of us set out from Grays and went across the ferry at Tilbury to Gravesend then down the old A road to Canterbury where we ...Read full memory

Where I Was Born

I was born in a bungalow to the left of this photo; it was my nan and grandad's. In fact the back part of the car that can be seen on the right of this photo could well have been my dad's outside of my nan's bungalow; the ...Read full memory

A memory of Corringham

The Old Conker Tree

I remember well the conker tree. I lived in Hill Terrace untll 1950 when I also went to New Zealand (Gisborne). And I remember the school house, by Danes Corner. I was at Herd Lane school from 1944 till 1950.

Regent Cinema

I lived in Corringham 1954-1972. The Regent, known to most of us as the old bug'utch or Stanford fleapit, was of course our local cinema. I saw many films there, they were usually nearly a year old before they were shown at ...Read full memory

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