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The Sun Inn c1955, Cottesmore
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I think the landlord's name was George.  Can't remember his wife's name.  The food was marvellous, the atmosphere and friendliness second to none.  The Vista Golf was installed during 1969

Cottesmore 1969

The Village c1955, Cottesmore
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My name was Liz Shepherd and we were new arrivals. I remember Dick Broom in the village shop that sold everything from Brussell sprouts to Royal Doulton and was also the Post Office. The butcher would leave his straw hat hanging outside his shop when he wasn't there so you didn't waste time walking up the yard. The amazement when one of the thatched cottages on the main street I think was sold for £1500. Most people thought the purchaser was mad. The Vulcan bombers taking off and returning. I was receptionist in the Officers Mess at RAF Cottesmore and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Leicestershire memories

New Farm

I attended Edmondthorpe village school from 1947 to 1953. I live at New Farm with my grandparent Harry and Ethel Gresham. My mother Betty Bratby, nee Gresham, my two brothers Jim and Tim Bratby, uncles John, Harry and Paul. A lodger Frank Lay. At the beginning we had German prisoners of war working alongside my uncles on the farm, along with villages we helped get the potato harvest in. My great-grandparents lived just down the road in a farm labourer's cottage until they died. The farm had milking cows, sheep, bullocks, veal calves, and grain crops. The school had just one teacher, Mrs Rochester, who taught all the eleven children, age ranges from 4 to 11. School dinner we had Mrs Allwood who cooked and served. I can remember some name of the pupils. Dawn Clark, Marline Meadows, Rita Meadows, Aubrey Barrett, David Barrett, Jim Bratby, Denis Dickinson, ? Clarke, Carol Walker, Roger Walker. Local people Walker, Clark, Barrett, Allcot (who kept the post office until taken over by my Auntie-in-law Catherine Gresham), Ginder,... Read more

My Grandfather

Church Street c1955, Empingham
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I have a picture of the cottage that my grandfather lived in with his family. His name was Cecil Stafford. His father was a thatcher and hedgerow maker as I understand. The picture I have is of the family in front of their thatched cottage that my grandmother said was right across from the church. I would love to know more about the town and if anyone knew the Staffords. I know there were 10 or eleven children. My grandfather married my grandmother who was a governess and from Switzerland. There was one sister named Olive and I am sorry that I do not know any more. Cecil had three children, John, Mary and Evora ( my mother, but as I now understand she was not really Cecil's am wondering who my real grandfather was.) In any case Cecil was a drug salesman with his uncle's company until the family moved to Canada. They moved often and lived in... Read more

Queens Visit

The Queen's Horseshoe c1967, Oakham
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I remember the Queen's visit to Rutland in this year. I remember all the children from the local schools forming the shape of a horseshoe in a field/park? and the Queen being driven around the horseshoe waving to us all.

Castle Hit by Storm

Castle, The Great Hall c1967, Oakham
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Not 100% sure if it was 1966 or 67, but I do remember that the castle roof was covered with a tarp for quite some time after lightening hit the castle during a storm.

I Use to Live Here

I use to live here in the early 1950s. My dad was in the Canadian Air Force. My maiden name was Lolly Botting. I am planing a visit next year and have been trying to find some photos on line. If anyone remembers me please e-mail me.

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