Cromer, Hall 1925

Cromer, Hall 1925

Neg. 77521

Memories of Cromer

The Metropole Hotel

The hotel which features in this photo is the Metropole Hotel which was situated in Tucker Street. It had access at the rear leading down to the Promenade. Following WW2 it fell into disrepair and was demolished being ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Gerald Fisher

Crab Cottage

In l984 my sister, Christine Ramsey/Taylor wrote to me at my home in Texas asking if I would like to share a holiday cottage with her and her three children. She had booked in at Cromer and had rented an old fisherman's cottage, ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Janet Ramsey

My Father

My father, Lenny Griffin, used to put these out every morning and store away in a shed at North Lodge Park every night in the summer. I used to go with him and when they got the smaller binoculars I was allowed to carry one. The big telescopes my fther used to carry one on each shoulder.

A memory of Cromer by Jacky Regis

Family Connections With The 'Louisa Hartwell'.

My father and grandfather both served with Henry Blogg on the 'Louisa Hartwell' and my dad was one of the pallbearers when Henry Blogg died.

A memory of Cromer by Claire Allen
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