Dartford, Fashion c.1955

Dartford, Fashion c.1955

Neg. D3069X

Memories of Dartford

Dartford Road 1939 Onwards.

I was born in West hill hospital 1939,grew up in Dartford road, and have many memories, of the war time, and of course peacetime, many names come to mind, Graham Crouch,Margaret Bingham,Kenny & Barry Green, Sheila Barnes,there are quite a few more, I would love to know if there are anybody else with memories from the ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by jayemcee39

Another Piece Of Dartford History

Although born in Surrey, my parents moved to Swaisland Road when I was a baby, before buying a house in James Road in 1939 - just before the outbreak of WW2. I attended the West Hill School during my junior days. Our instructions were to run on to school if the air-raid siren sounded if we were more than ...Read full memory

Mildred Close

Hi Jane Are your a sister of James? (or Jimmy Lawrence). He used to live in Colney Road, just around the corner from where I lived in the late 1950s to mid 1960s. I remember playing on our pogo sticks, and seeing who could do the most "jumps"!!. Great fun. I also remember going around to his house and playing in his back ...Read full memory

A memory of Dartford by Susan Howard

Who Remembers The Dartford Wharfage Co.

Born Livingstone Hospital East Hill in 1947. Lived on Temple Hill from the age of 5 years, went to Temple Hill later Dartford East (The Downs) schools. First job at 14, was at Phillips toy and cycle shop. I also belonged to the Mephisto Cycle Club at this time. My second job was on vehicle maintenance ...Read full memory

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