Memories of Dewsbury

Caddies Ice Cream Parlour

The ice cream parlour was at the back of The Princess Of Wales Precinct in Dewsbury, it is now a car park, what a complete waste of a lovely business, but the problem was the family refused to sell the recipe to anyone else, what a shame it was the best ice cream you ever tasted, bring back Caddies. Sunday's were never the same. SuSan

A memory of Dewsbury by mickandsue16


My grandma lived in Batley Carr and we lived in Leeds. I can remember visiting Dewsbury as a little girl with Mum and Dad. There was a market in Dewsbury on a Saturday and I can remember visiting an ice cream parlour. I was delighted to be reminded the ice cream palour was Caddy's which sold delicious ice cream in little white ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury

Barrel Organ

The island in the middle of Market Place had a unique feature. Between the two zebra crossings on the island each Saturday was a man with a barrel organ. The music could be heard all over the town centre. You had to walk past it when you wanted to cross the road. This lended itself to the man with the organ collecting money for ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by Janet Hagger

Dewsbury Market

My memory of this great and very popular market was during the late 1970's as a young kid and was every kids paradise. My mum worked at what must have been the world's largest sweet shop/stall - Jim's Candy Cabin. Every Saturday my auntie used to take me along for the day (and you could spend the day browsing around). 1st ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury

Wakefield Cutting Dewsbury

I lived on Wakefeld Cutting where Ramshaws fruit 'n veg had their storage units.

A memory of Dewsbury by Trasi Elkin

Saville Town

Frank; Did you live on the other side of us? We lived in Kaye Street and a family of Firths lived back to back with us. If it's the same family, your sister was Myrah and she was the same age as me. My dad and me lived with the Majors; Alice & sons Leslie and Douglas. I live in Portsmouth now.

A memory of Dewsbury by Raymond Glynn

Caddys Icecream

My name would have been Cadamarteri if not for a family argument. As a descendant of Caddy's ice-cream it's great to hear it was loved. I would love to find out more, does anyone have any photos? Or more information? Thanks.

A memory of Dewsbury by Steven Gray

Shopping In Dewsbury

Enjoyed reading everyones memories of the good old days revisiting my home town. Recently, sadly, its gone down hill. There was once many nice shops and the market isn't the same. I can remember Lews stall, Annes toy stall, Colliers cafe in the market - only thing that seems to be still there was Crosses Pork ...Read full memory

A memory of Dewsbury by Sylvia Foster

Victoria School For Boys

Just to correct Richard Parkin. During our time at the Vic. between 54-58 The headmaster was Mr Sleigh (without the T) who came from Halifax each day, but the hardest (strictest) teacher was Mr Moorehouse, followed by Mr Smith the rugby and metalwork teacher. But by golly, it was a good school for future men!!

A memory of Dewsbury by Frank Firth

Christmas At The Gardens

I was born in 1965 and I remember the 'Nativity' being at the gardens at Christmas time. I used to love looking at the different characters; the shepherds, the three kings, but best of all I used to love looking at the 'manger scene' at the far left hand side with the baby Jesus. The characters were the same every ...Read full memory

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