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Dewsbury memories

Here are memories of Dewsbury and the local area. You can start now: Add your own Memory of Dewsbury or a Dewsbury photo.

Christmas at The Gardens

The Gardens c1965, Dewsbury
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I was born in 1965 and I remember the 'Nativity' being at the gardens at Christmas time. I used to love looking at the different characters; the shepherds, the three kings, but best of all I used to love looking at the 'manger scene' at the far left hand side with the baby Jesus. The characters were the same every year but the enjoyment was always the same. I have a 19 year old son and I have never been able to show him this wonderful memory from my childhood as the authorities stopped doing it a number of years ago. Does anyone else remember the Nativity?

Dewsbury Market

My memory of this great and very popular market was during the late 1970's as a young kid and was every kids paradise. My mum worked at what must have been the world's largest sweet shop/stall - Jim's Candy Cabin. Every Saturday my auntie used to take me along for the day (and you could spend the day browsing around). 1st treat was having a different Matchbox toy bought from the the big Wood's toy stall at the far end near the fruit & veg stalls, followed by a visit to see mum, which often either Jim or his wife used to give me a bag of misshapen sweets! Then later in life in the early 1990's I used to visit another Dewsbury market icon - Elliot's Butchers, as a long friend of mine worked their many years. I used to turn up just before closing time each Saturday to give him a lift home, and from memory my big sis, worked Saturday's on Jackie's jewellery stall, again near both Jim's... Read more

Delivering Bread in Dewsbury

When I was in my teens I had a Saturday and school holiday job on Newboulds bread van, and although I went to other areas of Yorkshire, I was more often than not on the Dewsbury journey. Our major customer was Knights, who had several shops next door to one another on Ravenhouse Road. They used to take four /five trays of sliced bread - twenty four loaved per tray, plus loads of other types of bread and confectionery. Another customer was Manns, who also took large amounts and they were up near Staincliffe Hospital. We also delivered to Hepworth and Whittle's bakery in Ravensthorpe and to most of their shops in and around Dewsbury, including the one in the market. Also in the market, was Collier's Market Cafe, who took large numbers of plain teacakes. We'd deliver there and then have our dinner at the cafe. Another long gone Dewsbury institution that we delivered to was the Bon Bon, in the bus station -... Read more

The Market And Caddy's

My memories of Dewsbury as a girl in the late 1960s, early 1970s. The market. The butcher my mum used (who flirted outrageously with her, and most likely every housewife in town, which she loved and I'm sure always made her buy extra sausage!). Traipsing round while my mum bought everything we needed for Sunday dinner, and some mid week meals until my legs ached! If my nanna was in tow, she wanted tripe, which after trying myself I never understood her love of it. (Yuk!) Then after going to a shop to pay money on furniture and telly, OFF TO CADDY'S - YIPEEE! My beautiful big sister Julie carried on the tradition of the Saturday Dewsbury trip and cut out the boring bits and filled it with coffee and a vanilla slice in a cafe, Toffee Smiths on the market for sweeties then OFF TO CADDY'S - for an organge ice, tall glass, fizzy orange, scoop of Caddy's, long spoon and straw! Bliss! Do you remember the foamy bubbles... Read more

Saville Town

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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Frank; Did you live on the other side of us? We lived in Kaye Street and a family of Firths lived back to back with us. If it's the same family, your sister was Myrah and she was the same age as me. My dad and me lived with the Majors; Alice & sons Leslie and Douglas. I live in Portsmouth now.

Vitoria School

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I remember the Teachers at 'Central very well. Mr Wilson headmaster; Mr Barber, Maths; Mr White ,English Mr Cass, Allsorts. Mr Stead, PT and many more.

Ravensthorpe Hotel

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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can anyone remember what brewery had the ravensthorpe hotel huddersfield road
ravensthorpe in the 60s 70s i seem to remember it was sam smiths ? but i cant remember.
could someone help.

Shop in Daisy Hill

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I have a old photo of a shop in Daisy Hill belonging to E Brindle - it was a sadlers, it could be 1920's but I am not sure. If anyone would like it please let me know. There is two gentlemen in the doorway, could be the owner.

Wakefield Cutting Dewsbury

The Gardens c1965, Dewsbury
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I lived on Wakefeld Cutting where Ramshaws fruit 'n veg had their storage units.


Can anybody remember when they released a lot of goldfish here and there was some sort of prize given, I was only a little boy and can just about remember all my family being there.

Shopping in Dewsbury

Town Centre c1965, Dewsbury
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Enjoyed reading everyones memories of the good old days revisiting my home town. Recently, sadly, its gone down hill. There was once many nice shops and the market isn't the same. I can remember Lews stall, Annes toy stall, Colliers cafe in the market - only thing that seems to be still there was Crosses Pork Butchers. The toy shop was Worfalks (maybe I've spelt it wrong). I worked at Freeman Hardy Willis next to the Little Saddle Pub. The cinemas were good when they were all open - so much choice J & Bs - remember seeing Santa arrive.


Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I loved the shops that were around - J&BS Hodgsons, Wilkinsons and many more. Dewsbury had plenty of shoe shops. I started working at Freeman Hardy Willis - my first job after leaving school in 1969. I enjoyed a weekly treat in Caddys - I can see it now. Having left Dewsbury in 1985 and only going back on rare occasions to visit family and for funerals and weddings, I was saddened to see how it had gone down in the last 3 years - shops empty, the market wasn't the same - very sad fond memories. I will remember it has it once was.


Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I remember Caddy's, that was our weekend treat. I tried to get one of the rounda seats that went around a pillar. The ice cream in pop was my favourite "ice cream soda" with the long glass and long spoon. Then a look in the toy shop window next door. Can't remember the name of the toy shop.

Saturday Afternoon Shopping

Town Centre c1965, Dewsbury
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I remember Dewsbury on Saturday afternoons when everyone was shopping for bargains in the market and shops. You couldn't move for people and trying to go round Woolworths was a nightmare! Everywhere was heaving with people and yet there were very few disruptions of fights - they were reserved for Saturday night after dancing in the Town Hall. I was born in 1948 in Dewsbury - Savile Town - and apart from living in Leeds for 2 years have been a resident of Dewsbury all my life, I now live in Staincliffe. There have been many, many changes and not all for the better. At the time of the photos, in the 1960s, Dewsbury was a County Borough and when it changed to Kirklees the town started to change. There have been new buildings and improvements in some areas but it doesn't have the 'vibe' it had all those years ago. Even the market doesn't have the variety of goods it used to sell.....remember 'Aka Bilk'... Read more


Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I have some pictures from the late 1940-50s of Batley and Dewsbury. Pictures of fabric mills and Chrismas party plus the house we lived in, in Upper Batley etc.. . Are you interested in same. Thank you.. Richard, Plainview, NY USA

Woolies !

Northgate c1965, Dewsbury
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I found this site through a link on another, which had pictures of old buses -
I commented there on some of the Yorkshire Woollen District Transport fleet, which my dad used to drive.
I was born in Dewsbury, Staincliffe to be exact, in 1957 and then lived in Princess Road, Chickenley for a while, in a house that used to be next to the cricket field, but isn't any more as they've built on the field since. I went to school there, before moving to Bradford due to change in my Dad's job on the buses. He started to work out of Bradford, where the YWD stored a bus or two to serve the Sheffield route.
My family came back to Dewsbury Moor in 1973. I started my first job at Woolworths (in the picture on Northgate) and remember that one of my first jobs of the day was to light the gas lights in the shop - yes, in 1974! It was the 'Three Day Week' and... Read more

What Was The Public House Called?

Town Centre c1965, Dewsbury
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From this photo there was a public house in front of the town hall over the road but I cannot remember what that was called, could anybody help?

My Home Town

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I was born in Ravensthorpe in 1937, went to school at St Saviour's infants and the Secondary Modern school until I was 15 years of age. I began working at Hartley Bros, a leather mill at the bottom of Scout Hill, later I worked at MKM mills down Calder Road. I joined the army in 1956 in the KOYLI along with many other lads from the area and served in Cyprus and Germany. I returned to the area upon de-mob and married my present wife who comes from Clckheaton, our first home was at Ravensthorpe Road, Thornhill Lees and we later moved to homes near Crown Flatts and later at Shawcraoss. In the 1960s Dewsbury was a thriving town and far cleaner than it is at the moment. One of my fondest memories is the twice a week markets days of Wednesday and Saturdays and visiting the many well known public houses, with my main ports of call being The Market House and The Little Saddle. Also in those days the... Read more

Victoria School For Boys

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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Just to correct Richard Parkin. During our time at the Vic. between 54-58 The headmaster was Mr Sleigh (without the T) who came from Halifax each day, but the hardest (strictest) teacher was Mr Moorehouse, followed by Mr Smith the rugby and metalwork teacher. But by golly, it was a good school for future men!!

Dewsbury Swimming Baths

The Market c1965, Dewsbury
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Wow... I learned how to swim in this place! Going with the school once a week. One time when I was changing back to my clothes someone stole my swimming costume! Mr Grimes was the swim teacher. I believe he continued for many years. I also remember going without the school later on...


Town Hall c1960, Dewsbury
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I so remember the Town Hall dances that used to be held on Saturday nights. Being able to go to a dance at age 14 was so grown up. Sometimes if we were feeling a bit naughty we would make our way to the Ben Riley dance hall which was round the back of where HSB Bank is. The only reason we got in was because my mother's younger brother was a bouncer on the door we knew we would get looked after though we never so any trouble. There we we were two little mods surrounded by all these rockers. Though if my parents had known we had been, mum's brother or not, we would have been in trouble for some reason it was a no no. We had to make sure the rubber stamp mark that was put on the back of your hand if you wanted to nip out of the hall was rubbbed off before going home. My memories of Dewsbury and being a teenager there... Read more

More Caddy''s Memories And Also Queenie

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I too remember the tall fizzy Ice creams at Caddy's, I suspect they were simply called Ice Drinks or something.
As someone else mentioned (but I can't find it now) The Parlour was between Long Causeway and Westgate, it is now Tithe Barn Street and is the loading bay for the shops on Long Causeway. I seem to remember it was a tiny cobbled street in those days.

There was a passageway down the side of Caddy's which also passed the Public toilets for access onto Long Causeway.

Even now I can still taste the Ice cream when I close my eyes... as for it re opening?? I suspect old man Cadmarteri will be long gone by now...

I recently found this on youtube.. enjoy.

And also this on Pathe News

Caddy's Ice Cream Parlour

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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Was Caddy's ice cream parlour on a corner near the market? Can anybody tell me?

Dewsbury Swimming Baths

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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I remember having swimming lessons with school at the old Dewsbury baths. I know it later became a squash club because I had my wedding reception there! I live in Brighouse now but don't get over to Dewsbury very much, so I don't know if the building is still there.

The Old Baths

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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My memories of the old Dewsbury swimming baths (at the back of the police station) feels like memories from an earlier era older than myself. I used to visit the baths with my school once a wk for swimming lessons/excerise. I was always fisinated with the internal structure/decor and thinking back to the rows of changing rooms either side of the pool, with their swinging three quarter doors makes me shiver.
What trust we had in each other back them to simply leave our belongings in those, while we went off to enjoy ourselves.
There was the fancy steel railings too that made up the front of the balcony above the ground changing rooms, think there was changing rooms above too.

Are the baths still in use, I know the building is still there. Its not often I return to the town itself when I visit my family. I now live in Herfordshire, have done for the past 11 yrs.

My Childhood

Town Hall c1960, Dewsbury
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This picture reminds me of the time when a petrol tanker careered down Wakefield Road and crashed into the side entrance of the town hall. This road (pictured) was closed off for a day while the fire brigade dealt with the crash. I can remember the fire brigade telling me off for standing at the bottom, looking up at the crash as there was petrol running down the road into the town centre. I will post other memories later. Keep looking!
Richard Hagger

Barrel Organ

Town Centre c1960, Dewsbury
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The island in the middle of Market Place had a unique feature. Between the two zebra crossings on the island each Saturday was a man with a barrel organ. The music could be heard all over the town centre. You had to walk past it when you wanted to cross the road. This lended itself to the man with the organ collecting money for charities.

I used to like listening to the music and was fasinated with the organ. The people who used to shake the collecting cans scared me though. I probably thought they would take my pocket money (1 shilling) although they never did.

I used to spend my pocket money in Caddy's ice cream parlour on two scoops of ice cream whith fizzy pop in a tall glass (can anyone tell me what they were called?)

This was a real part of Dewsbury's history and my childhood recollections.

Richard Hagger

Spencers Mountain Film Shown at Abc Cinema Dewsbury

The film, Spencers Mountain, was shown at the ABC cinema, Dewsbury and all the Spencer families in Dewsbury were invited for the first showing. I was only 6 years old at the time but have fond memories of this night. We also had a family photo taken and I would love to trace this. We used to love going to the ABC minors on Saturday mornings and the best treat would always be a trip to Caddys ice cream parlour. We also loved to go to the maypole every year, there was a procession and can anyone remember the character - the wild man of borneo who was always in it? Afterwards we would go to the fair. I remember also going to see Santa Claus at JB's store.

Under 17 Rugby League in Dewsbury

In the early sixties I played amateur Rugby League in the Dewsbury and Batley League - there were two levels U17 and U19. I played U17. Firstly for Ossett Trinity and then for Shaw Cross Rangers. The teams comprising the U17 league were, Ossett Trinity, Shaw Cross Rangers, Shaw Cross Rovers, Thornhill Boys Club, Chickenley, Staincliffe, and Batley Supporters. Not many really and apart from cup games, many of our fixtures were friendlies against teams from other areas. Thornhill and Shaw Cross Rovers were the strongest teams in our league. In the cup they played in one semi final, Thornhilll won, and we (Ossett) played Batley Supporters in the other semi final and we won. The final should have been played on "Easter Tuesday" but many of the players had to work, so it was postponed until late May - it was played one evening at Mount Pleasant. Our team hadn't played since the end of the Dewsbury and Batley season, whereas Thornhill who also played in the Leeds League... Read more

Caddy's Icecream

My name would have been Cadamarteri if not for a family argument. As a descendant of Caddy's ice-cream it's great to hear it was loved. I would love to find out more, does anyone have any photos? Or more information? Thanks.


My grandma lived in Batley Carr and we lived in Leeds. I can remember visiting Dewsbury as a little girl with Mum and Dad. There was a market in Dewsbury on a Saturday and I can remember visiting an ice cream parlour. I was delighted to be reminded the ice cream palour was Caddy's which sold delicious ice cream in little white bowls if I remember correctly. What a treat it was to be taken there.

Caddy's Ice Cream

I loved Caddy's. Sometimes if I think hard enough I can get the memory of its taste, mmm. I remember having a tall glass of lemonade and ice cream and sitting on leather upholstery in the parlour in town. It was such a treat.  We also had an ice cream van came round and the man had a large brass bell he would ring out of the window of his van. On Sunday Mum would give me a dish and ask me to get five scoops of caddy's which we then put on her homemade apple pie. How things have changed. Other memories I have are of J & B's where Santa would visit every Christmas. Also a little tobacconists on Longcauseway called - I think - Finlays. The old bus station with the Bon Bon cafe and photo booth outside. Ann's toy stall on the market - I had a Saturday job there when I was 13 and it was so much fun.

Caddy's should come back.  At... Read more

The Queen's Visit.

I may be a year out with the date, apologies.
I vividly remember the day a young Queen Elizabeth II visited my home town of Dewsbury. We were in a fever of excitement at my Junior and Infants school, waiting for the bus to take us into Dewsbury town centre to welcome the Queen with hundreds if not thousands of local people.
On arrival in Dewsbury we were shepherded by our teachers to our appointed place. Great! We had a wonderful position on the Long Causeway to the left of the Town Hall. We were all given Union Jacks and told to be patient, the Queen would soon arrive. At long last there she was, in this [to me anyway] great big car. The crowd went wild, the cheering was deafening, I got a brief glimpse and then she was gone.
I waved my Union Jack for ages after that moment in time, carried away by the sheer excitment of it all.
The local paper printed pictures of that day,... Read more

Memories of West Yorkshire

Highfield House/Cottage /Earlsheaton

The best of my childhood memories are of Highfield House and Highfield Cottage in the late part of the 60s and early 70s. The summers always seemed hot and the days were long and happy. I come from a large family and we always had so much fun in the fields at the back of the house, rolling from the top of the hill almost down to the train tracks at the bottom, sunbathing or anything that would fill our day, we used to stay out for hours, only going home when it got dark or we were hungry. I remember when the fairground came, we could see it from the railings in our garden looking out over Dewsbury, you could hear the music playing and the bright lights flashing, or the voices and the screams of the people on the rides. I used to wish I was there but I was too young, the best I got was standing and watching over the railings with my sister, she actually... Read more

Happy Days

I remember Batley Carr and Hyrstlands well. I moved to Hyrstlands in 1958 into the new council houses alongside the park, we'd all been re-housed following demolition of houses in Batley, Taylor Street and the houses between Yellands and the White Hart pub. The new houses were great as we had a bathroom inside not the usual trek down the street to a shared khasi with the complimentary key on a string fastened to a bobbin. I was ten years old in 1958 and looking back the number of mates from the estate and the Carr were the biggest boon. When we played rugby it must have been 20 a side and we played on a rough piece of ground in the park where they eventually built a bowling green and so we lost our 'Wembley'. All the lads played, we played for hours, in fact it was a bind to have to stop for tea. In summer it was bunker time (the trolley with four old pram wheels -... Read more


My first school was Purlwell. Then I attended Warwick Road School in Batley Carr. I remember the flats being built up the side of Hyrstlands Road. We used to have so much fun going up and down ladders and scaffolding. Needless to say, before H & S. Also, when they were knocking down the old houses, or slums (not that I would call them that, people lived in them and they were their homes), one day when all of us from Hyrstlands decided that we wanted to make a bunker (people from round here will know what I am on about) we all went down to the old houses. What a great time.Being able to smash up things and not get a good hiding for it. Plus we got enough wood and four wheels from a pram to make a great bunker. I barely remember the cinema at the bottom of Batley Carr. It had been demolished and later a church would be built, but I think that the right... Read more

Cinema in Batley Carr

The name of the cinema at the top of Batley Carr was the Collins. I went there many times as a lad. I lived on Upper Cross Street on Bradford Road near the bottom of Mill Road.

Devils Pond

To all the young 'ens of that era or anyone else - who remembers walking down and up the self beaten footpath behind the long established fish & chip shop opposite the old Heppinstall's general store (long since gone), to the Devils Pond to catch what we thought were Terrapines! Or catching frogs etc, and making home made carts to pull up 3 Boy Hill at the top of Ouzelwell or Pit Lane at the top of King Edward Street then free wheel down, usually out of control!

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