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Adele Avenue (not Station Road!)

Station Road c1960, Digswell
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The side road (foreground) was one of two streets in Digswell both called Station Road! To remove the confusion, this one was renamed Adele Avenue some time before 1937, after the lady of the only house in the street at that time (behind and to the left of the photographer). The street boasts a fine avenue of lime trees. Welwyn North rail station is off the photo to the right, and the booking office entrance is lined up perfectly with the avenue of trees. Ahead, centre of the photograph, is Taylor's Beehive Works (now a residential close), which distributed beekeeping supplies, especially hives manufactured on the premises, around the country using the adjoining railway. The Works closed in the mid-1980s and the site is now a residential close.

Hertfordshire memories

Grange School

I was at the Grange School from 1939-1944 and would like to hear from anyone who was there then, or who has any photographs of those days.

My Favourite Place as A Kid

The Swimming Pool c1960, Welwyn Garden City
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I spent most of the summers of the mid 60's in this pool and learnt to dive off the platform board in 1967.  I swam all of my major medal and cetificate swims in this pool. The fountain was a place to play when not swimming.

WGC Station Memories

Station Approach c1955, Welwyn Garden City
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Having left London to live in WGC in 1957, our family often went back to visit relatives so that was one of our most regular excursions. In the fifties and sixties we did not have a car and nor did many of our neighbours. We relied on the green double-decker 324 bus service to get us to the station. As it was a circular service, we could cross the road and go one way or wait at the bus stop on our side of Howlands and go via Hollybush. The building in the picture was demolished to make way for the Howard centre. As you entered the station, the ticket office was on the left-hand side and the newsagents was on the right hand side. At that time, steam trains were gradually being phased out and, especially in Kings Cross, there was sometimes a choice of train home. I preferred the modern trains having no nostalgia for the age of steam with its hot and dirty engines. Thanks to locomotive... Read more

Memories of Stone Hills.

Stone Hills 1958, Welwyn Garden City
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This picture was taken from the corner of the Co-operative shop and features the Cherry Tree public house before it was turned into Waitrose. In about 1965, my friend’s mother remarried and my family was invited to the reception in the restaurant there. The single storey building nearest the Cherry Tree was a shop called Munts, which was a kind of Aladdin’s cave with bicycles and prams being amongst the many items on sale. The road in front of the Cherry Tree was a T-junction but this disappeared along with the single storey buildings when the sunken roundabout was built. The other buildings do not seem to have changed much

More Memories of Stonehills

Stone Hills 1958, Welwyn Garden City
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Just out of the picture to the left, was the location of the old police station, before it moved to its new home off of the campus, behind the council buildings. Now it's just an open space providing the walkway between Debenhams and John Lewis (formally the Co-Op and Welwyn Department Stores).

To the left of The Cherry Tree (Waitrose ), used to be the old Fire Station.

I used to live in Longcroft Lane and remember walking into the town and along this route (aged 5 at the time).

Stonehills 1958.

Stone Hills 1958, Welwyn Garden City
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I lived next door to the police station which is just to the left of this photo from 1952 until 1959 when my father (the local police station sergeant) retired. This photo is very evocative of memories I had as a young child living in the town centre. I well remember the buildings opposite my home including Munts cycle shop (they sold good fireworks!), Broadwater Press (kept my mother awake at night when the presses were working) and Williams Bros discount store. I well remember in the dead of night hearing the expresses racing through the railway station to and from Kings Cross (steam hauled of course) - this began my lifelong interest in railways. The Cherry Tree public house was well known in the area (not frequented by me I might add!). The fire station always sounded its siren on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. - very loud if you were close to it.  
My primary school was Templewood which I see still gets good reports from Ofsted. Other... Read more

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