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Wallace Street Dumabrton

I was born in Wallace Street, Dumbarton, August 13th 1959 in my grandparent's (Andrew and Mabel Aitken) house named "Bourtree". My other grandparents (Jim and Margaret Brash) lived directly across the road in their house named "Cloughfin". My dad, Mitchell Aitken, a local footballer of some repute having played for Vale of Leven and Shettleston, having married my mum, Irene Aitken (nee Brash) moved in with his parents. I was born at home as apparently that was the way things were commonly done then. In fact I am the eldest of 4 boys and we were all born at home. The Aitkens at "Bourtree" were a talented family. There was a bourtree or rowan tree in the back garden and hence the name. My grandfather, Andrew, I remember being small, bald and lots of fun, who enjoyed having his grandchildren on his knee and playing magic tricks. He was an electrician at Denny's shipyard and was commonly known as "the dadler". His father had been in the shipyard before him... Read more

Denny's of Dumbarton

I was born in India in 1938, as a young boy at age 17 I began serving as a shipyard drawing office apprentice at William Denny's & Brothers from 1956 - 1962. Graduated as a Naval Architect from Royal Technical College ("The Tech"), Glasgow (now Strathclyde University) in 1962. Each apprentice was bound by an "indenture" of a rather elaborate character "to serve for six years after the manner of an apprentice, for the use and benefit of Her Majesty, Her Heirs, and Successors". He further binds himself not to absent himself from service without leave, "nor contract marriage during the period of his indenture, nor be guilty by word or action of any immoral, indecent, irregular, or improper conduct or behaviour in any respect whatsoever, but shall and will demean himself at all times with strict propriety and submission to his superiors." The father or guardian of the apprentice binds himself in the same indenture to "provide good and sufficient board, lodging, clothing, washing, and other necessaries proper for his... Read more

Dunbartonshire memories

Great Childhood

I was born in Alexandria but lived my whole life in Renton, the last place I lived was 3 McKim Walk. I also lived at 313 Main Street. I went to Renton public school and attended first year at Vale of Leven Academy. I loved growing up in Renton and all the adventures I had with my friends Lynn Smith and Elaine McFarlane. We would go up the "Hill" and feel like we were in the wilderness away from everyone, I remember going up the Ben and running as fast as I could down the hill because out of nowhere a bunch of cows appeared. I loved the freedom we had as kids, going wherever we wanted, maybe places we shouldn't have, but we had the freedom to be "Free" which unfortunately today we can't give our own kids. I miss my old school friends but we have all grown up with the spirit of the Renton in our souls. My dad was Billy Gray and was a great football... Read more

Old Friends

Hello, I have written some memories about my childhood in Renton. It's amazing how many people you meet in the world.. I loved the Renton and Bonhill, places that I remember well, and some of the people that shaped my life.. My Mom's name is Helen Gray, her name was Helen Thomson she has three brothers, Robin, Jim, Alex and a sister Marion. She might know some of the names that I've seen, I had a note from Senga McKenna, maybe you might remember my family. Anyway.. Hello to all of you in Scotland... Marion (Gray) Court


I lived in Carman Road, Renton until the age of 4 but I have many memories of Renton as my gran and papa lived in the Back Street. I remember walking up the dam and picking the bluebells. To this day I love bluebells. I also remember the swans in the dam and I seem to remember a spring well where you could stop and have a drink. My dad was Tom Murphy and his parents were Ellen (nee Bell) and John Murphy. Gran worked in Jamiesons dairy and as a kid my brother, cousin and I used to sometimes sit on the milk float while Gran did her deliveries. I am 53 now and Dad and my grandparents are no longer here but oh, how they helped me become the person I am today.

Billy Gray

Hi Marion,met your dad in the Laughing Fox pub in Alexandria when he came for holiday, I knew who he was for years but didn't know him to talk to, I knew his brother Eric better as he was more my age. I actually knew them from when they stayed in Woodside Crescent, Bonhill, as I was pals with Norrie McDonald who stayed there. Yours, Bernard (Benjy) Boyle.

The Cordale

My name is Barry Graham and I lived at 35 Cordale Road which was one of the prefabs, as they were know in Renton. I have two brothers, Colin and Freddy, Colin still lives in Dumbarton and Fred lives in Sydney, I myself live in Perth in Western Australia. I left the UK after serving an Indented Apprentice in Denny's in Dumbarton and after marrying I emigrated to Australia in 1963. After the birth of our two daughters in Fremantle in the meantime we returned to the UK in 1971. After spending over 20 years in the Uk in Oil/Gas industry in the UK and Europe we have returned to Perth in Western Australia as our eldest daughter and grand kids are here. But we still visit the Renton, Vale, Balloch when were are in the UK. I can still remember the neighbours we had in the Cordale, next door the Robinsons, the Beatties, the Drains, the Currys, the Hollywoods, the Cunningcums?, etc.

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