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Edgars at Dunscore

The Church c1955, Dunscore
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Looking for family of James Edgar who was my ggg grandfather, brother, John.  Their father was also named James from Gallewards in the Dristrict of Dunscore. John was a Blacksmithin the village.


The Church c1955, Dunscore
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My grandmother, Agnes Moffat Edgar was born in 1873 at Mop Cottage. I would like to know where the cottage is located. Her father and grandfather, William Charteris Edgar and John Edgar, have headstones in Dunscore Churchyard. John Edgar was a Master Blacksmith in Dunscore, his wife was Marrion Chateris and they had 7 son and daughters. My grandmothers great grandfather, James Edgar, married Susan Briggs - headstone at the church - they had 4 sons. I would like to hear any information about the Edgars, Chateris and Briggs.


Looking for family, a connection to the Edgars of Dunscore in the 1800s to a ggg granddaughter, Sandra Macfarlane, would like help in my research.

Dumfriesshire memories

Tracing Info For A Martin Dougan Watt

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have been trying to trace family of my late father. His name was Martin Dougan Watt and he was born in Newtonairds on 11th March 1931. I don't know his parents' name or if he had any brothers or sisters. I take it in his early days he was a fan of bowls. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Edgars of Beeswing Dumfries

any info on the history of the edgars of beeswing,jean and john of roadmans cottage to pass to grandchildren greatly appreciated.forward to pls


I was born in Hayfield Cottages, Auldgirth in April 1931. My first year at school
Mrs Garthwaite was my teacher. She lived in the house just north of the school.
In the mid 30s my brother Bob and I saw an airship fly over Barbra Mill. Can
anyone else remember that? Aulgirth sports were held in the field across from
the inn. We gathered the empty bottles and took them to Mrs Telford the landlady.

Although I left Auldgirth when I was six I have so many pleasant memories of
the place, like catching and eating my first burn trout, going to school parties at Kennedys home at Blackwood. Jock Richardson & Jock Robson (farmers) I remember.

Wartime Evacuation to Auldgirth

My mother and I evacuated from Glasgow to Auldgirth in 1941 to escape the bombing immediately following the Clydebank bombing. We stayed with a wonderful family called Collins who were friends of my father's family. Mr Collins in peacetime was a gardener on the Kennedy Estate called I remember "The Big House" and the Collin's cottage was adjacent. I was only 4 years old but remember it fondly, although we were there only a matter of months. I remember an army unit was stationed on the estate. An army mobile cinema would come and show films to the estate workers. I distinctly remember watching "The Road to Morocco" shown in the Campbell's cottage up the road. I still remember we all helped gather in the hay. My memories of that short period in Auldgirth are the happiest of my entire childhood. Mother and I returned to Glasgow where I started infant school in 1942. In 1974 I had occasion to be attending a professional meeting at the Royal Crichton Hospital,... Read more

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