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Station Terrace c1955, East Boldon
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We had a Doctor called Andrew Forbes who had his surgery above the shops.He called me his pinup girl,as everytime i had to see him as a child i had my knickers held up with safety pins !! Nearly 20 yrs later he attended the birth of my first baby ,a home birth ,and remembererd his pinup girl

Nothing Had Changed When I Left The UK in 1975

Station Terrace c1955, East Boldon
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This photo is exactly as I remember the place from the 1960s and 1970s. On the horizon is the rail station with it's level crossing. Used to ride to the station from the other (Cleadon) side after school as a kid and collect the numbers of trains hurtling through the station. Always excited by the fast express trains which did not stop of course as they were heading from London to Edinburgh!

The buildings on the right housed our local doctor, Dr. Kinsella in a surgery on the top floor. Cleadon did not have any doctors in those days, so our parents brought us here if we got sick.

Tyne and Wear memories

Photograph Circa 1890

St Nicholas Terrace c1955, West Boldon
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I have an old photograph and I believe it is this street before some of the buildings were built and it was taken further down. However, the Church in the background is the same. John Oswald Clazey and his family are gathered at a place called Boldon House on the back of the photo. There is a picture of the family in the back yard and then a photo of them in the front by a brick wall of sorts. I am more than happy to provide a copy if there is any interest.

Weirdly Strange

St Nicholas Terrace c1955, West Boldon
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looking at the picture my house isnt even built its weird to see how much it has changed over the years... i live next door to the church- where it looks like their is just land!

Happy Days!

The Village c1955, Cleadon
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In about 1960 this spot was a hang out for the local teenagers - myself being one!

Out of the pic and to the left was a youth centre run by the church (the local vicar lived next door to that) and after doing whatever we did there (chatting up girls mostly!) we would congregate at the village pond, the railings of which are seen at left of the pic.

I remember the local Mr. Plod on his bike would often come and chase us away - but as soon as he scarpered we would be straight back there!

The large building at top right of the pic became the Britannia Pub - think it still is?

Whitburn Road

I am seeking information on a house named "Howdenside" or something similar in Whitburn Road during the period 1899-1926. My great uncle Robert Charles Atkinson gave it has his address when he went to Cleadon in Nov 1899 just prior to marrying a Mary Ellen (Mollie) BROWN. Mollie gave it as her address when she visited in 1926. However the 1911 census has the occupier as a Mr Robson. I would love to know the connection

Going to Open Air School The Lonnon

I am searching for photos or maps as it was such a happy and carefree time. I have three photos.

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