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Work Accident

The Old Arch c1960, Ebbw Vale
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The only memory I have is my father,Keith Lewis Lloyd was killed in work accident there round about 1962. It would be great if anyone remembers him. I didn't have the chance to get to know him as I was only 3 years of age and my sister 5 years of age. My mother remarried some ten years later and we now live in Perth, Australia. I am trying to find out a little bit more of him than I know.

The Old Arch

The Old Arch c1960, Ebbw Vale
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I was brought up the other side of the arch from this picture in Wesleyan Row. (No8) My mother still lives there today. I remember when this was the main road from the Steelworks and all the heavy lorries used to struggle up the hill. It was a bit of a risky business cutting through the arch on foot, as you had to look for a gap in the traffic and dash through, hoping you didnt get hit! In the 1970s they built the foot tunnel which made things safer. Eventually the rail line was closed and turned into the road. Wesleyan Row then became quiet and a lot cleaner and safer as the traffic was not going past the house any more. I joined the RAF and moved away in 1980, living all over the place, eventually leaving the RAF in 2002. But I didn't move back to Ebbw, oh no - thats too easy ! I moved to California instead! I am still in the desert... Read more

The Arch

The Old Arch c1960, Ebbw Vale
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I used to live just around the corner from where this photo was taken in a place called The Crescent. Next door lived Stan Bowen on one side and Billy Comer (the fruit shop owner) on the other. Tommy Lloyd and Mr Rosser (can't remember his first name) both butchers in Ebbw Vale also lived in the same street. My art teacher from secondary school did oil paintings of the Arch from both sides for Billy Comer. I stood on that corner shown in the photo and waved as the Queen drove past after visiting RTB's in the coronation year.

My Childhood

I was born at 37 Emlyn Avenue in 1949, the oldest son of Jack and Eunice Morgan. I have fond memories of playing rugby and football in the street and war games on the tip and the gantry. Later, when I grew up, of going in the Bridge End Hotel which was then managed by Ken and Josie. If anybody remembers me, please get in touch. It would be nice to talk over old times. Ebbw Vale will always be in my heart.

I Was Born in The Rookery

I was born in Ebbw Vale in 1953, my family name is Price. I remember being on holiday at my grandfather's and grandmother's house - it was called The Slate House in New Town, I believe. My grandfather's nickname was Dinkey; he was a blacksmith at the marine pit where my father worked and 3 of his brothers. We moved up to Cannock when I was only 9 mounths old, but spent many school holidays there. My mother was an Ebbw Vale girl, her maiden name was Hurley. My grand father came from Cwm. Is there anyone that might know my family, if so any contact would be welcome. My email address is: My grandmother's maiden name was Watley.


I went to Ebbw Vale Tech College, worked in the roll shop at the steel works. I remember well RTS club, the dugout, tamplins the rythmacs. However I have lived in Australia for 40 years now, have been back lots of times ,but never found any of my old work mates which is a bit sad. But maybe someone will see this so I will leave my email address;

Wonderful Town

Growing up in Ebbw Vale there was the best four Picture Houses and three dances a week, great youth club r t b and had great time in school. Yea, it was special, used to love to have a pint in Tamplins in James Street or going to the Central Cafe. Had some great friends in Snowy Rolands and John Barnes and Mad Merv, yea they was special years and will live in my memory forever.


l was born in the Rookery, Ebbw Vale, lived in 19 Second Row, Newtown until l was eight. We then moved to a new housing estate called Garnlydan where I grew up before we moved to Newport. I worked at LLanwern steel works - and retired from there. I am now living in south west lreland. l have very fond memories of Newtown, Ebbw Vale.

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