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Chew of Tobacco

Just turned eighteen I was to get employment at Woolley Colliery but had to do my training at Grimthorpe Colliery. We had to do underground training and were to spend many hours looking at safety films on what, and what not to do. Once we had got through the safety drills we were to be issued with pit clothes which included boots, gloves, belt and a water bottle. We were to get our pit lamps from the lamp-room and proceed to the Pit shaft. There was sixteen of us and two instructors. We got into the 'cage' as it was called. The 'banks man' would wrap the bell to signal that the cage was ready to fall. No sooner had we set off going down the mine shaft than one our team on feeling the chair or the cage drop; he went into a panic. This guy was big, but yet he was so frightened he screamed out ''Let me out...let me out!'' No chance of that, we were now... Read more

Meynell Road School 1944-1954

I visited & spent happy times in Ecclesfied Park when I was a boy and a pupil at Meynell Road primary, junior & senior school from 1944-1954. It was a very good school & I would like to hear from anyone who could share happy memories of those bygone days. Thanks, George Quixall.

Ye Olde Tankard

Does anyone know the decendants of Moses Yeardley who was a Landlord of the said public house? I am a decendant of his brother Arthur Yeardley, my father was named after him. I know that his Mother was the Landlady of The Royal Oak in Chapletown and that this pub is supposed to be haunted? Hope someone out there can help? I do also know that Moses Yeardley is buried in Ecclesfield cemetry across from the church.

Happy Days

An early memory I have is the Whitsuntide march. We all put on our best Sunday clothes and marched behind a band with our church banner held aloft by the strongest boys. The marching column passed through the village picking up on the way other marching groups of children. These other children belonged to other places of worship e.g. The Wesleyan Chapel. In the end, there was this very long parade of children, all marching behind the band. Each church group had its own banner and considered it far superior to all the others, with childhood banter, proclaiming superiority over the others. This harmless "conflict" sometimes resulted in the odd minor skirmish. The parade, on reaching the southerly end of the village then turned left down Cross Hill, along The Common, up Church Street and finally to Stcks Hill where the Whitsuntide hymns were sung. Stocks Hill, in those days, housed the stocks which now are located in the churchyard, just off Priory Road. Happy days indeed.

Hanging Out

I remember taking my friend's dog Tiny for long walks in the park, down Crofts Path and up again, going to the Willegar at the back of the dam with my net and jar catching sticklebacks only to be told to take them back by my dad. And going in the graveyard hopeing there were some fresh flowers so I could pinch the ribbons off them for my doll's hair, sneaking round the old empty vicarage hoping not to get caught - I did a couple of times. And eating my jam sandwiches on the swings before going on another adventure. I was out all day long but you dare not let kids out of your sight thease days. They were the good old days and I was only 8. I was called Jackie Taylor then.


i have some wonderful memories of visiting my grandma in the early 1960's in Ecclesfield, and later moving there to live in 1967. my dad's mum and dad lived in Ecclesfield and every Sunday we would go for a walk around the church area and the woods, then my dad would drop me at my grandmas house while he went to the pub, usually the Black Bull and White Bear. My cousin Pam lived accross the road from my Grandma and Grandad, and we were very good friends and used to play together. We went in the park and also up to the shops where we'd buy orange jublies, they were in a triangle shaped pack and were delicious, especially when it was hot. In the park there was a paddling pool which we played in, and we'd walk up Lady Croft, i think it was called, to find the diamond shaped stone to spit on and make a wish. One day a man approached... Read more

South Yorkshire memories

I Lived There!

Penistone Road c1955, Grenoside
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I lived in the farthest cottage on the left of this picture for a few years.

It looks exactly the same as it does now (apart from the lack of hundreds of cars and lorries flying past on Penistone Road)

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