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Lumb Mill

Irwell Vale c1950, Edenfield
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Lumb Mill in the 1950s I remember my late mother and father working at this mill in the 1950s. My father worked as a boiler man. As a child I visited the mill during the school holidays also at weekends. I used to join my father in the boiler house. He used to let me press buttons and turn valves on and off under his supervision. After stoking up the boiler we went round the mill where he explained its history. He showed me a deep hole with green still water in the bottom. This, he said was the remains of a water wheel pit fed from the river by a culvert. This was located to the right of the approach road to the mill, facing the time office. Beyond the time office was a river bridge used for transport and pedestrians going to the mill. The mills approach had a well-kept large lawn surrounded with roses. The centrepiece was a fully rigged yachts mast complete with flags! At... Read more


Irwell Vale c1950, Edenfield
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I was born at 117 Bury Road in 1930. Soon after we moved a liitle further along the road to 388 Whalley Road just past the Duckworth Arms. Our neighbours were Mrs Bretherton and children Nellie, Jim and Clifford?. On the other side lived Mrs Mason and son Alfie. We could not have wished for better neighbours and I will never forget their kindness to me during my pre-school years. I attended Sunday school at St John's and was a member of the Church Lads Brigade. Around 1939 I was page boy to the Rose Queen at that time, a Miss Florence Maudsley. I well remember the vicar, Mr Robinson. I attended Peel Brow school and around that time made friends with two boys who lived within 50 yards of my home, Neville Walls and Roy Beswick. These two and myself became our gang and we spent many happy years growing up together. Neville attended Peel Brow and was about 3 years younger than me. We always went together and... Read more

My First Job

Irwell Vale c1950, Edenfield
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Just before I was due to leave Peel Brow I was called into Mr (Dinky) Booth's office and told that Turnbull & Stockdale were looking for an Office Boy and that he thought I would fit the bill. I attended an interview with Mr W Cunliffe and was given the job, starting early January 1945. My job involved taking documents etc to the various mills in Stubbins and going to Ramsbottom's banks and the post office. A cycle was provided for this purpose. T & S was quite a large concern with the following mills: Rosebank, Cuba, Croft, Edenwood and Chatterton Weaving Shed. Directors were W. Turnbull, W. Turnbull Jnr, R. Turnbull, J. Turnbull. E. Turnbull., Major Cain and (I think) T. Cain. Other Senior positions included W. Cunliffe, Co Secretary, J Longworth, C Parker, F. Shaw, with apologies to the many other managers and foremen employed at that time. After about 2 years I was moved up into the general office, Mr Astley the cashier being in charge with Miss Alice Taylor... Read more


Irwell Vale c1950, Edenfield
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I was born in 1950, and lived in Edenfield from 1955-1961, when we moved to Stubbins. I went to the primary school, where the teachers were Mrs Horton and Mr. Parker. Then he was followed by Mr. Howorth. My friends at the school at this time were Michael Southern, whose mum and dad had the Coach and Horses pub for a time. My main pals were the Magnalls, Rob n David, who lived in the big house (now demolished) on the corner of Gincroft Lane. I lived at 4 Rochdale Road. The shops in the village at this time (1960) were the butcher, Mr. Birch, Duckworths had a sweet shop in the same block. There was the chippy (Mrs. Turner), paper shop, there was a bank, a Co-op, Whittakers, Sixsmiths (both bakers), Waterfields (a grocers). Another grocer in the same row, whose name I don't recall (Nuttals?), Mrs Fitzjohn (haberdashers), a chemist too, all in the "market-place". Half way over the village, towards the church (vicar, Mr. Marcroft), was... Read more

Childhood Memories 1950 Onwards.

Irwell Vale c1950, Edenfield
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I was born in 1948 and we moved to Irwell Vale (Bowker Street) in 1949.  We moved again onto Hardsough Terrace when I was five years old. I lived and worked in Irwell Vale until 1972. The village had a Co-op, a Methodist Church and chip shop/grocer’s shop (owned by the McDowell family), which was on the corner of Bowker Street.  The shops were used by the villagers, as in those days not many people had cars and the main towns were not easily accessible as there was no train station in Irwell Vale then.

The red brick building adjacent to the Church was a canteen for the mill workers.

I remember the streets being decorated with bunting to celebrate the Queen’s accession to the throne.

The village was owned by the Dewhurst family, who also owned the local cotton mill (Thomas Aitken & Sons).  John Dewhurst – commonly known as J.D. was the owner along with his sons, Geoffrey and Tom.  Both of my parents worked... Read more

Lancashire memories

Happy Days

I was born in Shuttleworth and have happy memories.I went to St John's church and was in the choir. I was Rose Queen at the age of 7 (not quite sure on my age then but it is close enough). I also remember Saturday nights when we went to the dance, I remember watching my mum and dad waltz round the hall, they danced so lovely. I was in some shows we had in the Sunday School, I was once a dwarf, what a laugh we all had with that. I remember with love the vicar Mr Robinson,what a lovely man he was, when he left the church  in Shuttleworth there was a big party  for him and I remember everyone was in tears that night ..

My time in Shuttleworth was  so happy which I will always remember with affection, not only growing up with all my lovely family but with all the friends  I had ..  

#69 Broadway

I was only 11yrs old when we moved from Helmshore to America.  Helmshore was a wonderful place to have your childhood.
Sometime between 1963 and 1965 we built a snowman that made the front page of the local paper, that year was a huge snow storm. There was a shop called Joyces on Broadway, where we bought the nice gifts. I remember attending Helmshore primary school till May of 1965.  The headmaster was Mr Jenkins, and the top class teacher was Mr Smith. In those days the punishment was too extreame hard and cruel, but I survived. Apart from that I have fond memories,and I must say the
steam train rides were great.

Peter Chadderton

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