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The Theological College c1960, Ely

The Theological College c1960, Ely

The Theological College c1960, Ely Ref: E34061

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Fond Childhood Memory

Old Houses, Silver Street c1955, Ely
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These houses were on the way from our dad's allotment over by what is now the golf club to our Auntie Dot's house in the Range.Reminds me of all those long summer evenings we would ride our bikes from High Barnes to the allotment with dad.My little sister and I would tear up and down the "hills"and shove buttercups under one another's chins and make daisy chains.Do kids do that any more?
Then to my Auntie Dot,who always had a little treat on hand,no matter when you went there.Those houses fascinated me,they seemed so ancient when I was a child,but they're part of a very nice childhood,so I'll always view them with some affection!

Market Place

Market Place 1925, Ely
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It's a shame Labour ripped it all down to build that 60s eyesore.

Lynn Road

Lynn Road 1925, Ely
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My grandmother lived along the road past Deacons Lane. I first learned to ride  a two-wheeled cycle along that road in 1939.

RAF ELY Hospital 1950''s Reunion

Lynn Road 1925, Ely
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We are holding a Reunion for the servicemen (Regular & National Service) and civilians who worked at RAF Ely Hospital in the 1950's. My Dad did his National Service there in 1953-1954. We are having dinner at the Lamb Hotel on Lynn Street in Ely on Saturday 26th September. There is usually about 20-25 of us and you would be most welcome to join us and share your memories of this time. If you'd like to come along please ring the Manager of the Lamb Hotel stating that you wish to attend the 1950's Reunion being organised by Mr. Greig. We'd be very pleased to see you. (The Lamb is on the left hand side in the photograph)


Fore Hill c1955, Ely
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My husband was stationed at the RAF hospital and we lived in married quarters. I taught at the local  Primary School, St Audrey's. A friend worked in the little hardware shop on the left. I belonged to the CAT theatre group. We staged musicals in the secondary school. I still have friends living there in Chiefs Street and the Vineyards. We used to go to the Red White and Blue pub. Also held after show parties in the function room at the back of the Lamb Hotel. Took part in the medieval dancing and singing schools event for the cathedral centennial celebrations in 1972.

Baron of Beef

Fore Hill c1955, Ely
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My Dad did his National Service at RAF Ely Hospital in 1953/4. We held a reunion at the weekend (27th Sept 08) in the Lamb Hotel which was attended by about 27 people. The Baron of Beef, the Rifleman's (on Lyn Road), the Cutter and the Minster were their favoured pubs. I would love to obtain photos from the 1950s especially of the Baron of Beef, which was at 13 Fore Hill. I understand its license was surrendered in 1958 when it closed. The property was demolished and rebuilt. It is now a children's clothes/toy shop. If there are any photos of this period out there we would love to see them. Many thanks. Regards, Carol Greig

Happiest Times

River Ouse And The Cutter Inn c1955, Ely
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This place holds special and fond memories for me as I would often travel the 150 miles to meet my very best friend here over the years, to eat and walk along the river. My health is not as it was these days and I have not managed to visit for some time. It amazes me how little the place really has changed over the years. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Cutter Inn

River Ouse And The Cutter Inn c1955, Ely
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I am not entirely sure of the year, but I am told that one of my great grandfather's brothers owned this Inn at one time. I would love to hear from anyone that can shed more light on this.

Two Spitfires Over Ely

Yes it's been confirmed; two Spitfires from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will fly over Ely Cathedral at 1:45pm on Saturday 29th September in memory of all those, both servicemen and civilians, who served at RAF Ely Hospital during it's existence. I am holding an RAF Ely Hospital Reunion at the Lamb Hotel for my Dad and his friends who served at the hospital in the 1950's. Several people who served with my Dad are sadly no longer with us but we will be thinking of them on Saturday. For younger people out there who may not be familiar with the Spitfire and it's capabilities watch "Spitfire Night" at 9pm on Wednesday 26th on the Yesterday Channel. You will be impressed by it's capabilities and even today's jet pilots are in awe of this plane and seek the opportunity to fly it! Let's hope we get good weather on Saturday and enjoy the view! Best wishes Carol Greig

Spitfire Over Ely

The RAF Ely Hospital 1950's Reunion will be held again this year on Saturday 29th September 2012 at the Lamb Hotel in Ely. This year though I am pleased to say there will be an addition to the Reunion..... A Flypast by an RAF Spitfire. How exciting is that! I received confirmation this morning but have yet to hear at what time it will occur but will inform everyone as soon as I know. So join us if you can in Ely on Saturday 29th Sept and watch a piece of history fly overhead. Best Wishes Carol Greig

RAF Ely Hospital Reunion 2010

Did you serve at the RAF Ely Hospital during the 1950s? If so we'd love you to join us for a Reunion we're holding at the Lamb Hotel in Ely on Saturday 25th September 2010. Whether you were National Service, a regular or a civilian we'd love to hear about your time there. Perhaps you were a nurse or a medic or a nursing orderly, or in the EPAS or MT section? Or, like my Dad, you were a chef in catering? Just contact the Hotel Manager Carl Lowndes on 01353 663574 and tell him you'd like to join the RAF Ely Hospital Reunion party and he will give you the details. We look forward to meeting you then. Kind regards, Carol Greig

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