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Hilly Fields

Hilly Fields c1955, Enfield
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We lived at the bottom of Lavender Hill and went to St Michael's School. Hilly Fields, Whitewebbs, Stapleton's farm, Tinky Tops, Flash Lane; they were all our stamping ground. My brother Bob also used to run along the tops of the 14 arches. We were forbidden to go there but of course we did! I thought that my sisters and I were the only people who could remember jumping dags. What a lot of memories this website has conjured up! We were terrified of Ted Slarke, poor chap.

Hilly Fields

Hilly Fields c1955, Enfield
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Situated at the top of our road, as young children Hilly Fields was something quite magical. During winter time we would trek our home made sledges over to toboggan hill and hurtle down to the brook at the bottom of the hill at breakneck speeds. Summer time, climbing trees, fishing for stickle backs in the brook. The game known to us as "jumping dags" which entailed jumping over the brook without getting your feet wet, but many a time falling in and getting soaked. The park keepers hut next to the putting green where you could play 18 holes for 3d, followed by an ice lolly for 1d from "Gaylers" the shop then attached to The Rose and Crown. The glorious long summer evenings where we, as very young children, would play over Hilly Fields until it was to dark to see. There was never anything to be afraid of in those days. When the grass cutter mowed the huge expanses of grass and we would collect huge piles of... Read more

Lancaster Road.

Lancaster Road c1950, Enfield
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Henry Waits the butchers, small shops that sold sweets from a jar and fireworks. Penny for the guy, small children waiting at bus stops with the 128, 231 and 144B to try and pry a penny towards fireworks. Girlfriend (Rose Gritty) down Drake Street. Rag and Bone merchant towards 'The Hop Poles' pub. Doing the weekly shopping on my bicycle and taking everything home in a couple of shopping bags hanging on the handlebars. Going down early in the morning to collect the papers from Wilmotts to do my morning paper round when I was only 10 years old. The oil shop at the bottom of Browning Road and next door the 'Seed Shop' for flower pots and garden plants. Gosetts, the haberdashery shop. Garetts the pharmacy close to 'The Hollybush' public house. The doctors' waiting room, Dr. Dalzeil (pronounced DL), Dr Ben Ridge and his brother. Boy, was that waiting room cold, and everyone seemed to be coughing and sneezing, but nobody talked. Collecting old newspapers and taking them... Read more

Doodle Bug Over The Town

The Station c1945, Enfield
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I remember one day I was with my mother just walking to the station to get the train to Bush Hill Park where we lived and hearing the loud Putt Putt noise of a doodle bug.We and all the people around looked up and watched it fly over us to the vicinity of Enfield Highway descending rapidly,then the silence as the engine stopped,everyone waiting for the bang. I heard that it dropped on a school but I cannot be sure.

Enfield, The Civic Centre 1967

The Civic Centre 2005, Enfield
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I started work in the plant room as one of the engineers in the centre in 1967 with the rest of the staff and the direction of Ken Farraway,Chief Engineer and Bob Finch, assistant Chief Engnineer. After a time Bob Finch left the civic and the council ofered me the position of assistant Chief Engineer, I remained Ken's assistant up to 1992. I enjoyed working with Ken all those years till 92 but then I took early retirement. At the time I worked at the civic I lived at Crofton Way on the Ridgeway and in 1993 I moved to Norfolk near Kings Lynn. To all the staff I knew at the civic, best wishes to you all from Ron Arrowsmith.

Steam Trains

The Station c1945, Enfield
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If I was out with my mother in the town as a small boy in the 1950s, I would pester to go to the station to see the steam trains through the railings. The journey home would take us up Windmill Hill past Enfield Chase station, but you couldn't get as near the engines there.

Cliff Richard at Pool

The Open Air Swimming Pool c1955, Enfield
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This is where I learnt to swim in about 1956 as a 7 year old. The wooden changing cubicles were pretty primitive, looking back. I remember the cafe/shop which sold hot bovril. There was also a Brylcream machine at 1p a shot. I remember when I was about 10, Cliff Richard being at the pool and him being mobbed, leaving me in an empty pool. I got my cubs swimming badge here, or was it the Bronze Life Saving badge?

Drinking Fountain

Little Park Gardens c1965, Enfield
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If my memory is correct there was a rather elaborate drinking fountain behind where the woman is standing in the photo. As a small boy, living up Windmill Hill in Glebe Avenue, this spot was out of bounds to me. However, one warm day when exploring on my own I stopped at the fountain for a drink, and as small boys do, I got my finger stuck in a ring that at one time may have held a metal cup on a chain. I was there for ages. Imagine my horror when one of my mother's friends said hello as she walked past. When I finally escaped I ran home. When questioned about where I'd been, I lied, but these were the days of caring neighbours and my whereabouts had been reported. Needless to say punishment was swift and painful.

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