Ewell, Technical College c.1965

Ewell, Technical College c.1965

Neg. E45167

Memories of Ewell, Technical College c1965

Department Of Building/ Plumbing

Department of building second year of a four year plumbing apprenticeship. As an sixteen year old just starting work Ewell Tec set the standards that I have tried to keep to all my working life.

A memory of Ewell by Thomas Johnson

Memories of Ewell

Before The Semis

shops more independent no yellow lines

A memory of Ewell

Sparks Memories

The Jolly Waggoners was situated on the corner of Beggers Hill and Shortcroft Road. I lived with my family at number 28 just around the corner. My early memories were my dad, brother and I going down to the pub on a Sunday to play darts and sip my shandy while mum prepared Sunday dinner. I was about fifteen when I dated the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ewell by David Sparks

Blacksmiths Forge On Kingston Road, Ewell

Further to Pat Dickinson's memories....... I remember it vividly,especially the roaring fire and clanging iron -,the way the huge (to me) horses stood so still. We used to stop on our way home from school. There was always a knot of kids hanging in the doorway,staring fascinated. It was opposite the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ewell by Chris Bragg

Memory For Ewell 1945 55

Down Beggers Hill and round the bend, just a short distance from the Jolly Wagoners and next to the Eight Bells, there was a blacksmiths who used a furnace to shape the iron shoes that were used to shoe horses. The horses from Ewell Riding Stables were taken there regularly, the blacksmith being very patient with the ...Read full memory

A memory of Ewell by Patricia Dickson
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