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Long Hot Summer Days in Platt Feilds Park

Princess Parade c1955, Fallowfield
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Aged 8-11ish my friends and I would catch the 85 bus from Chorlton- cum-hardy bus station or walk if we were skint to Platt Fields Park with a plastic bag with brown sauce or salad cream butties in and a huge bottle of orange or corporation pop (water!). With no one to tell us what to do, we had a whale of a time. Now and then we would get a chase off the parkie for tormenting him and messing about. There was a tunnel/sewer which we named the witches tunnel with an iron gate across it, that ran under Wilmslow road, we would climb across the gate then contort our bodies until we were under the gate, there was a narrow ledge on one side of the gully which the water was often fast flowing and it splashed up our legs as we shuffled along in the pitch black, backs to the wet grimy wall, until we could see daylight at the other end. All the way we would... Read more

Platt Fields Park

Princess Parade c1955, Fallowfield
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I can remember going for a drive on a sunny Sunday afternoon with my mum and dad to Platt Fields Park, sometimes Dad would hire a boat on the lake and take us rowing, I would have a bag with bread in to to feed the ducks. I remember being taken into Platt Fields Hall and looking around at all the beautiful old clothes on show in glass cases and thinking that a lot of them were really ancient. Across the main road was a large strange shaped building we called the toast rack, it looked like one too, I think it was a college. I also remember on our way there we would drive past Princess Christian College for Nannies and often would see the girls out in their brown uniform coats and hats, pushing large coach-built prams.

Meeting The Nurses at Princess Christian College

Princess Parade c1955, Fallowfield
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One way to meet the lovely nursery nurses who trained at the nearby Princess Christian College was to accompany them as they took their young charges out for walks to the shops or Platt Fields. I was the social secretary for my Hall of Residence from 1967-1969 so I had responsibility for getting the girls invited to our all-male Hall functions!

I remember this row of shops and going in a sweet shop here with one of the nurses and a toddler in tow who misbehaved. The shopkeeper asked it it was our child and we both said certainly not! The little kid was quite upset. Happier outings took place to parties in the college in Wilbraham Road where I met a lovely nurse called Rosemary. We did a lot together for more than a year and it was a sad parting when she "graduated" and left.

Lancashire memories

Childhood Days at Manchester County Courts

The Assize Court 1886, Manchester
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My family lived in the magistrates court between 1957 to 1964; my father was Frank Wood and he was the court keeper. My sister and I had a wonderful childhood there, there was lots of places to race around when the courts had closed. Many times Mr Green, the judge at the time, would find a teddy sat on his chair where me and my sister had been playing court cases. Our friends loved to come around and see the cells and docks in the courts. My cousins laugh at when they were asked where they had been in the holidays; they got strange looks when they said they been to strangeways! We lived there for 7 very happy years, we socialised with all the governers and families, we went to social events at the prison club, Oh yes, great times we all had!

Bank of England

King Street c1885, Manchester
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The building on the left of the King Street view is the former branch of the Bank of England where I worked between 1966 and 1969. There were vaults beneath and a vehicle entrance to a "bullion yard" at the rear.

Although the view was photographed in 1885 it looks remarkably the same as the Bank I knew in the 1960's.

Year:1966 Working The Manchester Buses 1966 1980

Market Street And Piccadilly Junction c1965, Manchester
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1966 I was hired by Manchester Corperation Buses as a trolley conductor. I was 18 1/2 years old, I worked the last 6 months of trolley life on Ashton New Road, working out of Stephenson Sq.
They were the best years of my working life, and I worked with a smashing bunch of men from all over the UK.
Piccadilly was a beautiful place, here was where many bus roads terminated. Our canteen was upstairs and a grand breakfast could be had with a steaming mug of tea for a few bob.
I left there in July 1980 and worked for the TTC Toronto Canada, but nowt was like the fun we had working the buses back home.
Very fond memories.
Posted: 06/04/2008 00:50 by Chris Walker

Happy Days in Hulme

Upper Chorlton Road c1955, Manchester
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I lived for a while at 153 Upper Chorlton Road,with my wife Jean and children Stephen and Cheryl. I was attched to the 7th Manchester General Hospital RAMC at Kings Road. Happy Days. We have lived in New Zealand since 1970.

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